Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the chief passionately projected Smartphone and serves as an ever preferable device from the Korean brand. Flooding of peak attributes with this device is really admirable in public. When a question is raised regarding the powerful and valuable device availability in market, the effective answer from various people is merely Samsung Galaxy S4.

Screen Size- a key feature of Galaxy S4
In today’s world, there is huge number of changes happening in the appearance of different devices.  Though a very remarkable point respective to Galaxy S4 is the size, which does not change while comparing to its forerunners. The Galaxy S4 has approached to 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm (5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches). Though, in spite of this reality, S4 screen has been amplified once leading to 5-inch display that contains full HD resolution. Now it is very clear that the identical quantity of pixels displayed on TV is currently travelling roughly in everyone’s pouches and pockets.

Sony Xperia Z and the HTC holds out the screens that swing around with the similar resolution, but none of those two encloses the shocking blow of the Super AMOLED HD screen afforded here. The implemented design for Galaxy 4 is truly impressive. The solid device is about sub-8mm thickness, and carrying the weight at 130g.  The attribute of handling the device remains to be very light which gives you a feel of holding a fragile bit of plastic. S4 controls to fetch a best concrete construction and a great production. Certainly, this aspect is a major tribute for Samsung Galaxy S4 and hence tempting everyone to pay for it without hesitation.
Range of Difference between S3 and S4

Some of you may feel that S4 is much alike S3. But that is not exactly true. Have a close look on Samsung Galaxy S4, and damn sure you would begin for considering the gradation. Also, there is a feeling that the appearance is more like LG Optimus G, but still the construction gives you the best result compared to others. That’s no criticism, as the device was well built too, but it has a similar rounded feel. This is intriguing given the history of the two companies, and shows more of a leaning towards the plastic shell from the Asian brands in general.

Close up of a man using mobile smart phone

While using any Smartphone, we are in need of keys or buttons to increment the touch screen. But Samsung has a substantial “home” key displayed on the front and hence this feature directs you to an easy navigation. Obviously, button feature is most significant in terms of big screens. On the top edge, the headphone socket is located in a most conservative position.

Cost Effectiveness
Samsung has attempted to enhance with lot of software upgrades. More potential camera that is available with Galaxy S4 really works as a superior method to communicate with many friends and utilize media. Dedicated apps are fully contributed for entire users. When speaking about the price of Samsung Galaxy S4, the cost is equivalent to HTC One.I really plead everyone to get hold of this wonderful device without leading to confusion.


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