3 Secrets to Attract Girls With Body Language


Finding poetic and beautiful phrases to win a beautiful girl is not an easy task. But interestingly, it has been proven that often attraction between two people happens without even a single word being spoken. Therefore, it is important that you learn the male body language because it is solely your only tactic or tool for attracting girls.





You can achieve this by exciting the girl’s emotional brain by letting them have a feel of positive emotions from your body language since generally women are known to be naturally emotional. Girls always trust your body language emotions because they believe that they come directly from your beliefs unlike your words which they could judge them as fake. Therefore, here are 3 secrets to attract girls with your body language:

1. Movement

You should avoid being fidgety or jerky when approaching a girl, but make controlled movements and always ensure you walk slowly. Relationship experts say that in order to successfully attract a girl you should avoid the commonly known restless legs syndrome or fidgeting with your fingers. By ensuring that you make slow movements, you will be presenting a comfortable image of yourself hence making you more approachable. A tip to walking slowly is by increasing the length of your stride but reduce their frequency hence making a longer but slower stride but do not make it look odd by taking the stride too far. By doing this, you will appear more appealing and confident hence attract the girl of your dreams to build up your desired relationship.

2. Walking posture

This is a key body language technique that speaks volumes about you. It is advisable that while you are walking, possess that great posture. Walking with your hands in the pocket and your head down often makes you completely unapproachable and many girls would shy away from you. Girls are attracted with your confidence which you can depict by embracing the right walking posture; walking with your head tilted up a bit, with your back straight, bring your shoulders back and stick your chest out. Keeping your heart chakra facing outwards and open is very important since it is often the first place you get connected with others hence by doing so, shows that you are always available to share an open and loving connection. You should always understand that combining both your physical and emotional characteristics, you create a magnetic personality that will attract the girl you desire to have in your relationship journey.

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3. Your tonality

Though tonality is technically speaking, it is a more pronounced body language than any other. It is recommended that if you are fast in talking, you should try to slow down. Most girls do not like fast-speaking guys because they often do not understand what they are saying and they consider them embarrassing to speak with. If you talk a bit slower, you will get full control of what you say, and also deter yourself from making shameful and embarrassing mistakes such as stuttering which is a great sign of lack of confidence.



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