Top 3 Tips To Make a Better Dubsmash Video


Hey there, I’m sure if your sitting there, your wondering why you aren’t getting as many views and hits on you very funny Dubsmash videos. I’m here to tell you 3 very great tips on how to make a better video, and a better the amount of audience for your videos.





First of all, if your not sure what Dubsmash even is, it’s a app that’s become increasingly popular. The app allows you to lip sync various famous phrases or sounds to make a re-dubbed version of everybody’s favorite moments in history.

It’s become very popular with celebrities, with lots of them setting a high bar for the rest of us to be more creative, more funny, and we are not one to back away from the challenge.

1- Ideas

I’m sorry to tell you, but not every idea you have is gonna as be funny for everyone as it is for you. If you want to make a good video, you first got to have a good idea. A good way to test if your idea is good, it to ask your friends. Believe it or not, your friends aren’t going to steal your video idea if you ask them if it’s funny, and if they laugh at you, at lest you now know its going to be funny.

2- Filming

Now, one of the most annoying and eye-turning is bad quality videos. It’s harder, but not impossible to make bad quality videos with your HD camera on your Iphone. Make sure you film in a good spot with no background distractions, or terrible lighting. A good place would be near a wall, so that there are no people running around. A good way to check that your lighting is good is would be to take a short, few seconds video to make sure that it isn’t too dark, or too bright. Once you start filming, make sure whatever you’re doing doesn’t cause the camera to shake too much, or your video will have this terrible shaking, causing your viewers to want to stop the video and move on to a better one. If you ARE going to move around a lot, I suggest asking one of your friends to hold your phone for you.




3. Editing

If you get a good shot in your video, you don’t really need to do much editing, but you always want to double check and make sure the audio syncs up with your lips, if it doesn’t, edit the clip or re-take, but DO NOT POST THE VIDEO. A major downer on a video is when audio and visuals aren’t synced. It drives me crazy watching videos like that, and there’s a good chance it will do the same for anyone watching your video.
Well, if you have those three main components down, you’re sure to start raking in the views in no time, good luck, and I hope to see your videos out there one day.


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