3 Ways To Be Funny Personality


Being funny is a talent; it’s an art that brings happiness in lives of people. Without humor, there is no meaning to life and we are just another machine working, eating and sleeping. A person with good sense of humor is not only loved but respected in society.

Although the fact remains clear not everyone born is gifted with this talent. People often try hard to be funny but fail miserably while some don’t even have a clue that they are funny. But this doesn’t imply that it’s difficult to be funny, with some tips and guidance, a person can be completely transformed into humor machine. Here are 3 tips to be funny as hell:

Keep smiling and crack jokes:
Just be honest and act natural, a fake and a dishonest person are looked down by everyone. Keep smiling, famous personality or TV actors have smiling faces, it won’t mean anything in particular but at the same time means everything. Remember that being funny is about the right words at the right time in right place. The word funny is subjective, know your audience and learn what they deem funny as people are more likely to laugh when in the group and laughing at a contagious thing. Jokes should not be disrespectful to anyone and should be lighter in nature.

Knowing the right time:
You can’t be funny all the times cracking jokes and honestly expect people to praise for your humor with no apparent reason. Wait for a reason to be funny and showcase your talent when the right time comes. Know what’s going around the world, it’s good to have the knowledge to the current event and use them as a reference in your jokes making your humor contemporary. Most of the famous comedians s in TV shows crack contemporary jokes to make audiences burst in laugh.


Explore yourself:
Humor of person depends on the state of mind, you can’t be humorous with sad feelings. Explore yourself and pick out the things that make you laugh and start working on it. Remember, everyone is actually funny at some point of life. Small kids around 6 years of age express themselves naturally and make others laugh without even cracking a joke, search for the child within you.
Finally, focus on benefits of being funny rather than worrying about your sense of humor. Apart from this, being funny offers certain secondary benefits. It allows a person to explore his mind and personality at the same time being humorous. Remember, laughter is universal language breaking all kinds of barriers and pave the path of friendship.



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