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Top 10 Best Android Smartphone Phones of 2014

Android phones are being improved with every passing day and within regular intervals, you get to see a new android smart phone by the...

T-Mobile’s New Jump Plan Review

T-Mobile just publicized its new Jump Upgrade plan, and it is very different. As far as I am aware, no other mobile network in...

Uber App Review

In today’s world, speed is essential, and you have to move fast to keep up with the events of everyday. Uber is making that...

What Is Chromcast ? Google Chromcast Review and Specification

Google New Device Called Chromcast : The small Chromecast fittings directly into a HDMI port. Basic, isn't that so? All things considered, remember you...

Dell P2815Q 28-inch 4K monitor

A new model that is bound to leave people talking because of its various distinguishing features is the dell 28-inch 4k monitor. It comes...

Motorola Moto X Smartphone Review

Smartphones are not very smart. This is what many phone makers have said innumerable times as they introduce features that separate their handsets from...