3 Bike Safety Tips To Not Get Hit By Cars


Not all people have the pleasure of driving or even riding an automobile. There are those who, for one purpose or another, travel day in day out on their bikes. It is important for you to know the safety guidelines for bike riders, especially if you just started riding.

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You can find those who have been riding for years but still experience a few problems here and there when it comes to riding their particular bikes. The following are some of the riding tips for bikers that you must use to be sure that you are safe while taking pleasure in your bike ride. Riding a bike that is appropriate for you and your size will ensure you’re able to enjoy the ride.

You can find bike that are used for commuting and there are some for sports or leisure riding, like the mountain bikes. If you are a lady, there are those bikes that allow you to wear your skirts and dresses yet still are comfortable while riding bike commonly called as ladies bike. Make sure that you are comfortable with your bike.

1. Make an excellent use of safety accessories.

There are mirrors and also lights that come in handy as some safety accessories regarding bikes. You can use a mirror placed on both sides of the handlebar to assist you in seeing the incoming trucks that is at the back. Lights at the front are very helpful as you can utilize this when it is dark. The actual lights or perhaps a reflector lights at the rear of the bike can come in handy in order for the drivers and other riders to identify you in front of them. A bike lock is an important accessory that allows you to load up your bike without having fear of theft. When riding a bike, you need to have a helmet that will protect your head and keep it covered in case of a mishap.

2. Ride carefully and also responsibly.

You will find places that have bike lanes, which make it safer for cyclists, while there are a few those do not have and require you to ride on the far right. You have to be on the lookout for cars in which pack on the roads. Some cyclists have had accidents when a door flies open suddenly. Make sure to remain on the right side of the street to avoid any confusion. Also, be very assertive, alert and focus in riding bike. Do not get intimidated and make sure you know your place on the road.

3. Get to know the route very well.

Not every street that you use with a car is secure to access with your bike. There is therefore a need for you to go through your route and be certain that you identify the various places that might be dangerous for you as you commute. Become familiar with the kind of traffic that’s on your route and the best paths you could follow.

It is vital that you should train very well. It would also be smart to seek help from an expert before deciding to take your bike onto the street. Makes sure you are well aware of the dangers involved and that you will be able to maneuver nicely on the roads. With the use of this kind of riding tips for bike riders, you will enjoy riding and you will be risk free at the same time.


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