5 Tips for Healthy Sitting on Your Toilet


Constipation has become common in people all over the world today. While prescription medication and other lifestyle changes such as increasing the fiber-intake in the diet help, the main cause of this is improper sitting on the toilet while excreting.

Some important tips that help with excretion and based on healthy toilet sitting include:

1. Squatting

This is the natural position while in the toilet. The modern toilet is considered civilized but lacks in optimal design. People take on a sitting posture which encourages partial excretion. The healthy way to poop is to eliminate everything from your bowels within a short period of time. Squatting relaxes the rectal muscles and makes bowel movement easier. It helps in combating colon issues and disorders associated with the sitting position.

2. Stepping on a raised leg rest

Squatting on the toilet is considered crude as it dirties the seat for other users. It is also unhealthy in that it places one in a position that causes one to get splashes from the toilet water. Some consider it a taxing task. The solution is to find a leg rest or any other item that can slide under the toilet. Once you step on this, your body assumes a squatting position thus adjusting the recto-anal angle to allow for easy bowel movements.

3. Buy a squatty potty

Squatty potty makes it easier to assume the more natural position while defecating. It replaces the uncomfortable leg rests or trash cans that some people use to get that squatting position while still seated on the toilet seat. It is recommended by doctors and fits any toilet. This product is recommended in almost every toilet seating guide.

4. Work with what you have

If the above ideas do not work for you, there is a simpler way to achieve a healthy toilet sitting position. It requires a lot of balance and flexibility. The trick is to sit towards the back by placing your buttocks at the back of the toilet seat and lift your legs onto the top of the front part of the seat. The body assumes a squatting position thus making defecation easier.

5. Get Less dress and Relax

It may sound ridiculous but it works. Getting less dress from the waist down sends a signal to the body and evokes bowel movement. Don’t just draw your trousers down below the knee. Go a step further and remove them completely. Periodic lifting of the buttocks up from the toilet seat coupled with mild movement such as swinging the hips will also trigger bowel movement. This can help eliminate all the feces from the colon when one starts in the sitting position, which is a major cause of hemorrhoids in the general population. The great thing about this product is that it lasts long and is quite affordable. It is a small price for maintaining the health of your rectum and colon.


The health of your colon is important. Instead of waiting to get swollen and bumpy veins with hemorrhoids, it would be better to take a preventative stance from the get-go. This is achieved through healthy toilet sitting. It combats colon disorders and other rectal issues that would otherwise force you to see a doctor and eventually take medication.



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