The Best Beginner Body Building Workout Plan


Face it, you have turned 35 and the signs of aging are creeping up on you faster day by day. You don’t look that attractive anymore and your body is readily loosing muscle mass making you look unattractive and sluggish and not to mention that bulging tummy of yours.


Besides, the girls are not paying much attention to you these days either, which can be quiet depressing at times as well. Well, it is a proven fact that every woman loves a great, well curved body with toned muscles and abs, in short a fitness model not a hard-core body builder. So far you have tried everything and nothing have worked out for you and you are still craving for that lean muscular body. If that’s what you are aiming for then its high time you look into the matter with a different perspective. Here’s a sneak peak on how to turn your physique into a chick magnet.
Before you start looking out for the best beginner’s body building workout plan, your primary objective should be to consult with your health care provider.  This is indeed the first step of the way. A physical examination will ensure that your body is working perfectly or not. Suppose a test confirms one of your organs are not in working order, then it will highly affect your bodybuilding regime besides making it a dangerous attempt on your part.  As a beginner you must be in optimum health to embark on a body building program. To curve out that perfect body, you must have a healthy heart, well-functioning liver and kidneys.  If one of these fails to work to its full potential chances are that you won’t achieve what you are aiming for. Besides, it will indicate a health hazard.  Hence, it is advisable to go for a total health check-up before you start your mission.
Body building is not all about weight training, it requires a well chalk out plan including diet and supplements and a lifestyle modification. Most people think that only exercising will help them achieve a perfect body. However the truth is somewhat different. Diet plays an integral role in bodybuilding as it affects the body more than what exercises can do. If you don’t get your diet right, then it won’t matter which bodybuilding program you follow or how much you spend on it. It will all be a waste. Besides, there are foods that can crank up your fat burning genes, stimulating the fat burning process of your body. If you want to look perfect the rule of thumb is that you eat the right kind of food. Increase the amount of protein in your diet and cut off on fats and carbs. Besides, stop consumption of junk foods and high calorie beverages.

The best way to go about it is by consulting a nutritionist and following the diet chart presented to you. Also ask your nutritionist about foods that would stimulate your genes to burn fat faster. Besides, make sure you quit all bad habits like drinking and smoking as well. Lastly have plenty of sleep to relax your sore muscles from hours of training in the gym.

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Next comes the most crucial part of the best beginner’s body building workout plan, the training. Well, beginners require more training than the intermediates or the advanced players in the body building arena. The reason being a simple one though; the experienced trainers often push their limits and as a result they inflict certain amount of damage to the muscles which takes a little longer to recover from. On the other hand, the beginners stick to the basic exercises and weight training which makes them sore, but they recover quickly.

Don’t flinch hearing the word damage; in body building a little damage to the muscles is always good as it pushes the body to overcompensate resulting in the growth of muscles. Remember body building follows a cycle, one step back, then two steps forward and it goes on every week.
As for the training its best to divide the body in two segments making sure you train each part twice a week.  For beginners, the exercises are as follows:
1.      Isometric: Resistance with the lack of movement
2.      Isotonic: Resistance while moving at a constant speed
3.      Isokinetic: Resistance following a fixed resistant however, keeping the speed variable.
4.      Plyometric: Resistance with the main focus on acceleration and less on resistance
5.      Combinations: a combo of the exercises mentioned above

Cardiovascular Training: this includes running, jogging, cycling or swimming and it demands exercising for 1 hour or more at a stretch.
As for where you should start your training, well, a health club is always an ideal bet for beginners as there will be trainers to assist you with your mission. However, you can even build your own home gym as well. But make sure you consult an expert trainer before you start with your work out regime.



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