10 Signs You’re About to Be Fired


Getting fired from a job isn’t something that many individuals have option over nowadays with the state of economic affairs as they are, but, it can happen to anyone anyway, so you have not to dwell on it so much.

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Rather, focus on your way forward on what to do next and ways to secure another job. Though, you should bear in mind that the trouble of explaining reasons of being sacked has merely been added to your job search. Some individuals argue that getting fired, or laid off is nature’s way to assure you that you were in a wrong profession in the first place; well, that may be true, but getting fired is never amusing; layoffs are equally demoralizing. In either way, your feelings of self-deserving and self-esteem are dealt a blow.

Before making any moves, you will need to watch out for the tell-tale signals that your job is at risk.
Here are 10 of them:

1. You are delegated fewer projects and responsibilities

If you used to be delegated huge projects and now days you are fetching coffee, that is bad. Consequently, if you have been so busy that you barely have time to blink, and today you have to request for work, then obviously your tasks has been delegated to others. Managers doing such basically intend to show you that he or she is no longer interested with your assignments and already preparing for your absence.

2. You are excluded from important meetings

When managers perceive little advantage to having you present, that is a sign of your job being at risk. If you are no longer selected or permitted to leave for important meetings or for professional association luncheons, this is a bad signal. It may be “a back door” communication strategy and employees with this situation should ask what might be happening- and perhaps to start searching for another job.

3. New mergers/management/acquisition

These conditions always bring an atmosphere of uncertainty and it’s normally common for new managers to clean house.

4. Sudden changes in relationship between you and your boss

One of the sign that you may have been short-listed and you are nearly to be shown your way, is when people, your boss been included start to dodge you. If your boss suddenly changes and becomes unfriendly, disappears virtually and you feel embarrassed in your job since you cannot call, e-mail, text or visit him or her without hitting an obstacle or feeling shut out- he/she is likely to be taking an easy path: dodging, as conflict is hard.

5. Poor feed backs and reviews

If your boss regularly sends you messages commenting on errors causing issues to the company, or if your performance reviews is evaluated and continually coming back with more criticism than ever, your job could be at risk and there is probability you could be losing your job soon.

6. Management is avoiding you

When the management inherently starts to minimize their interaction with you as a result of discomfort associated with learning your impending professional doom, you are probably at risk of losing your job. This is no different with trying to keep secret from someone you are with every day. It becomes quite hard, and maintaining your interactions coherent with the preceding conduct is even more so.

7. All Hail the Robots!

If you are undertaking the job that can be automated, then likely it will be automated. You may be required to look for another job if you are doing what can be done by machine instead. This is since the company may at any time decide that the work be automated. Thus, being left jobless or doing the same job for less money.

8. You are asked to create a job description for your position

If a company is facing financial troubles and need to cut costs, ridding off salaries is a possibility the company may consider. Therefore, the company will want to know precisely what you undertake so they can probably substitute you with a machine, or a lower paid employee.

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9. You are asked to hand of assignments

If you are requested to hand-over projects and files you have been dealing with to other colleagues, there is possibility you are on your way of being retrenched.

10. Questions appear out of nowhere

If managers, outside consultants or peers mysteriously start questioning you in detail on your project with no feedback, they may be finding a way to replace your role.

Getting fired isn’t something to take pleasure from, but its common occurrence now days. If you realize you are experiencing such signs in your work place, never lose hope, it’s advisable to begin searching for a position elsewhere as there are many employers who requires someone with your skills. Remember thousand positions are out there from which you can choose from.


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