Top 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory


Wouldn’t it be simply wonderful never to forget important meetings? Never forgetting anniversaries and birthdays? Unfortunately, not everybody have a clear memory. The good news is that every person can improve his/ her memory. We can improve our memory beyond our imagination! Here are some ways to improve your memory.

1. Begin by believing that your memory can be improved

Very many people concentrate on how awful their memory is. If you keep reminding yourself that you have a poor memory, there are high chances that it will certainly be dreadful. Do not say things such as “I will never recall all this”. Believe that your memory is actually good. Assure yourself that it can improve. You can do this by simply telling yourself that your memory is improving.

2. Do brain exercises 

A brain exercise is basically something that makes your brain work harder than it usually does. They range anywhere from something as simple as a crossword, to the more progressive exercises such as learning a new musical instrument. You do not have to go out and learn a new instrument to improve your memory, even though doing this can actually do wonders. Performing the simpler tasks such as crosswords can go a long way.

3. Do regular workouts

Believe it or not, exercises are very important as far as memory improvement is concerned. Consistent workout makes you more attentive and makes your whole body more efficient, including your brain. These workouts can be anything from aerobics to bicycling. Do them every day for thirty minutes.

4. Eat Healthy

This makes you have a healthier brain which in turn operates more efficiently. An efficient brain is better at keeping and remembering memories. Eat five or six small meals daily rather than having three large meals. This will keep your blood sugar level stabilized, resulting in an improvement in mental functioning.

5. Keep stress at a minimum

I would advise you to totally keep stress off your life but since this is not something we can do, I advise you to reduce it. Prolonged stress does damage the brain, which needless to say is bad for your memory. Keeping stress under control is certainly a significant step in our journey to a powerful and alert memory.

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6. Take your time 

If you want to remember particular information, you have to recall it. In other words, if you want to remember specific information, you have to store the information first. This is where very many people go wrong. They simply leave it up to their memory; it is after all its job, right? Well, yes. However, if you make a conscious act of trying to store information, your brain will find it much easier to remember the specific information. How do you make a conscious effort? It can be something as simple as repeating the sentence mentally.

7. Sleep well

This is, and has always been, a key aspect of keeping a healthy brain and as we all know, a healthy brain has a better ability to store information. It is advisable to sleep no less than seven hours every night. If you have got the chance, sleep for seven and a half hours.


8. Try to recall a deck of playing cards

This is another brain exercise and a good one too. Obviously it will be quite difficult to recall the whole deck of cards straight of the bat. Start with five cards, and then move to a higher number as you get better. The crucial goal here is to remember the whole deck of cards.

9. Use memory techniques 

There are numerous different memory techniques which can be used to improve your memory. The most common and very effective one is the association technique. It is a simple method, where you relate whatever you’re trying to recall with something vibrant or something you are familiar with.

10. Stay positive

This may sound unbelievable, but staying positive makes an individual more motivated to work at improving their memory. Staying optimistic also helps reduce stress and will eventually help with your memory, self improvement, self-assurance and your general image.

There you have it – 10 great ways to improve your memory. Take care of both your mind and body, get organized, reduce your stress, and pay better attention and you might find your memory improving in wonderful ways.



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