3 Dubsmash Easy Tips And Tricks


Dubsmash is a common trend that involves dubbing blockbuster dialogues or hits and watching the outcome of the video created. In case you are into making Dubsmash video, you require a few tips and tricks that will help you make quality video.

Follow the following pointers to ensure that your video is the best quality and rendition of the blockbuster or hit that you seek to create.

Save Multiple Takes

Make certain that you save every take that you create for your Dubsmash video. You may not get the perfect video at first; however, it is always safe to save each take. Your best video might be the first take and you may fail to save it because you want to make a better video; nonetheless, after multiple takes, you find that the first takes were better in quality. Therefore, you need to ensure that you save all the videos that you create. For instance, if you are making a Dubsmash for Pirates of the Caribbean, you can save each take as; Pirates of the Caribbean take 1, Pirates of the Caribbean take 2 and so on. This way, you have all the takes in order of creation and you get to pick up the best when you are through.


Ensure the lighting conditions are favorable in order to get the best Dubsmash video. Lighting is essential when considering quality of the video you make. Essentially, you need too avoid too much light but make sure that it is not too dark either. In order to get the best equilibrium in lighting, try to shoot during the day, close to a window and make sure you direct your face towards the window. Direct the camera towards the inside of the room. If you have to shoot the video at night, you can use a table lamp; however, ensure that you are a distance away from the lamp to avoid face glow. Place two lamps a few feet away from where you are standing at a 45-degree angle.

Camera Frame and Posture

This does not mean that you need acting classes; however, to make a Dubsmash blockbuster you need to consider your body posture with regard to the camera frame. For instance, if you are creating a video alone, make certain you are at the center of the frame. Alternatively, you can appear from the sides to produce a certain effect that makes the Dubsmash video interesting. If there are two of you in the video, try to fit both of you in the frame or choose one person in the frame when each of your dialogue comes up. To spruce up the video, use apt expressions to justify the emotions you intend to portray. Do not just say the lines with a straight face; make each dialogue and each scene count and show the emotion that is required for each scene accordingly.

With these tips, you will create a successful Dubsmash video. Go through sites such as Instagram and follow the best Dubsmash videos. Go through the compilations to sample what is required to create a perfect video.




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