Watch This Lovely And Cutest Little Snowboarder Ever !


This baby girl, probably still learning to walk, is already on course to probably become the next snowboarding sensation. This lovely video of snowboarder Sloan shared by her parents, is going viral on Social Media and is by far the cutest thing you will watch today.

As the baby gets ready for her first ever solo cruise, Mom takes a few quick snaps of her little Sloan on the snowboard. The course starts with Mom and the baby gently going down together on the travelator. Graduating to the next stage, she is tethered to her dad to maintain control and cruises smoothly on her own cute snowboard trying to get a sense of balance.

In the final stage, with a little push from Mom to propel her forward, baby Sloan snowboards all by herself. Her smooth balance on the snowboard would even give adults a complex. With dad cruising alongside and with both mom and dad cheering little Sloan, she softly cruises down the snow – twice! This is a big moment for Sloan and both her parents. She celebrates the successful cruises with her little gloved high-fives that will melt your heart. Her adorable smiles at the end of each cruise tell you how much she loves it. This baby snowboarder wins all my votes for the snowboarding Olympics – under the cutest category!

Here’s a safety tip though – it would be nice to equip Sloan with a little helmet, maybe a medical grade to start with. Yes I know she is going at a steady snow pace and the slope is nearly flat, it is just a general caution so you can enjoy the snowboarding fun knowing all safety measures are in place.

With the way she enjoys herself on the snowboard, you know she’s going to only go faster from here! Like dad says, she’s a boarder. Go Sloan!



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