Amazing Indian Daredevil Motorbike Stunts


The Women Daredevil squad is made up of one hundred and twenty women Indian army officers. The group was imitated in Last Year Perform . During this time, the women were trained to undertake difficult stunts at both individual and group level and to operate on bullet motorbikes. They performed during India’s Independence Day which was held on 26th January and was attended by Barrack Obama, the president of the United States.

They performed a number of stunts for the guests. In one of the stunts, one of the ladies came in with a motorbike but instead of sitting while riding, she stood on a ladder while the motorbike was moving. All the stunts were amazing and so creative. In one of the stunts, the women arranged themselves as a pyramid on top of a moving motorbike and each had a flag on their hand. In yet another Daredevil stunt, the women seem to be standing but two are sleeping on the moving motorbike then one lady seem to be rotating on top of the pyramid. The women form a pyramid shape as they emerge. In the last stunt, motorbikes were arranged in a straight line then some ladies were standing. They formed a big pyramid and they held a flag in the middle and on each side.

In the past, only men have been used during such ceremonies. This year it was different in that it was also the very first time the guard of honor was led by a woman. She invited the chief guest, Barrack Obama. Last year also marked the first time army, navy and marine women conducted an all women march during Independence Day. The changes may have emanated from the  Independence Day theme, women empowerment. This year they proved they are fully empowered to do great things.



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