Watch Amazing Moment of Skydiving Without Parachute


Have you ever felt at one of these moments that you are super hyper and you need to just do something crazy, something unusual at least to yourself? There are many crazy people in the world who do many crazy things … But there are people who are so crazy and extra hyper that they are willing to do things unusual to humanity!!!!

So here we talk mainly about a person who does something very unique which is a life risk … YES I said a life risk! We will be talking about something so brave yet so dangerous that if anything goes wrong there is never going back and it’s a life taker … We are talking here about skydiving.. Easy huh… But what we are referring too is skydiving without a parachute!!
YES! it seems there are people out there crazy enough and daredevils enough to actually do such a thing .. Those kind of people would be standing in the sky on a plane , a hot air balloon or whatever they are riding and feel the cold wind getting into their lungs , they take a deep breath and open their eyes looking real good at the horizon and then to the ground that is waiting for them … They imagine each possible scene that could happen yet that only makes their will to do such a thing increase then they would throw the parachute telling the skies I’m strong and there’s no going back for me and jumps and shouts really strong while going down yet enjoying each meter he gets close to the ground and making cool shapes in the sky with his friends by holding each others hands and making those shapes with their bodies in the sky … Then at last he clings onto one of his friends and he opens his parachute till they touch ground calling out victory !


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