Watch Moment When Best Friend Prank Go Too Far


A great prank can go too far. The best video out there is one where both sides truly enjoy the prank, but in this given footage you can obviously see that someone may faint.

The idea of watching your best friend die in front of you is not something that you want to deal with. You are going to lose people that you care about in life and you don’t want to desensitize yourself to death. The prank in the video with the whole hostage taking can certainly look like a very serious prank. With all of the mad and bad headlines that you now see on the news, you certainly don’t want to have to face a situation where there is an actual hostage taking and then you simply don’t take the situation seriously.

If you are going to have your best friend nearly have a heart attack over a silly prank then you are going too far with the gag. You simply may not know their medical history if they have had heart problems in the past then you may reactive those problems with this fake death issue. If someone truly is your best friend, then you are going to be shaken by their death. Death really isn’t a topic you can make fun about if someone has had to deal with a lot of trauma in their life.

You need to know how to make sure that everyone enjoys a prank. A video like this is definitely going to let you know that some people simply can’t handle these disturbing pranks. You may want to look into the kind of stress level that your friend can handle before you actually move forward with a prank like this. The worst pranks in the world can make you question exactly why you tried them, they simply weren’t that fun.



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