You Must Watching This Funny and Horror Prank


Imagine you’re walking with leisure around the streets around 9 in a cool night, and suddenly! A girl approaches wearing a white gown, with long hair and scary eyes, exactly like the girl from the ring.

What will be your reaction? Screams? Shouts? Cries for help? Howls? Throwing books right at her for a revolt? Well that’s exactly what happened with some of the people when someone decided to play as a dead girl and scare people for a prank video.

Published by PrankvsPrank, this hilarious 3 minutes video which shows us a prank played by PrankvsPrank on the citizens of a city, as they enacted like the girl from the ring, gives us the reaction like never before. The video starts with the horrendous scenes of the girl, giving us a different picture about the video, but the next scenes changes it all.

The Pranks begins with the girl standing around a corner but suddenly popping out in front of two women as they chat and talk. The Horrifying teeth were enough for them, to scream and shout. But my personal favorite was this one, where four guys walking and talking pass the girl who growls as she stands still, and suddenly screams at them. These screams shook them, and one of the boys screams back at her, cause of fear? Or taunting back? But the reaction of the fourth person is the best. He throws a book right at her! And screams back. That reaction was the most mentioned one, in the comments list as well. The pranks included funny reactions, screams and best of all, rebellion.

Now many people were scared of this lady, who actually got scared of a cat! (LOL!), but there were few who were brave enough to put up for a fight, like that guy who throws that book on her. A lady, rebelled back by saying words, ” Get away from me! Or I’ll kick you’re a**” and was about to wrestle her, thanks to his husband or boyfriend(maybe?) who prevented her from doing so.

There were many hilarious scenes like this one where, the lady just sits on stairs, but when a group of friends pass her, she suddenly screams, and also freaks us out as well as those guys, screams, but when they try to run away, she chases them back! The guy who is scared the most, realizes that he’s trapped, tries to hide behind his friend, as she continuously screams at her. Or the one where she stands around a corner, and when a guy passes her, she does the same deed, of screaming out loud, and this freaks out the guy so much, that he tries to run away with speed that will win him a gold medal in the Olympics.

All in all, this video is really a hilarious one, which makes us fall of our seats with uncontrollable laughs and glues us to the computer screen until the end, to know the unpredictable end!

Do watch it!


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