Monkey Respect Old Lady and Give Seat To Her


In this video we see a monkey sitting on the bus, riding it to who knows where. Why a monkey would be by himself, dressed up in human clothing, sitting in one of the window chairs is besides me.

But we see the other people get on the bus and sit in other seats. When an elderly couple gets on the bus, a young man gives up his seat for the elderly man. Watching this, the intelligent primate quickly learns that maybe he should give up his seat to the elderly lady. And so he does.

All the people are gladdened to see the respect, intelligence, and friendliness the monkey shows for people, older people in particular. This just goes to show you that animals, especially monkeys, are very sentient, very intelligent, and can learn most things that people can do.

This monkey is in fact a chimp, a small bonobo chimp, mankind’s closest living relative in the animal kingdom. Their genome is 99% similar to ours, and therefore, we aren’t that far away as relatives. This video is heartwarming in showing how a simple animal can learn by watching and imitating, and has the ‘human’ quality of loving kindness.

It really goes to show that animals are smart, in fact, all animals have sentience, from the lowest insect or fish to the highest dog or primate. Maybe this video will remind us to be kind to the animals, same way that they are kind to us. Animals never judge, are biased, or consternate against humans. We can learn a lot from the animal kingdom. The world would be a better place if we all respected each other and respected the other living things that share the planet with us. And if a chimp has respect for the elderly, how much more so should human beings?


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