Why Some Plane Touch Down Then Take off Again


Plane landing is a very critical component of any flight. It marks the last stage of a flight which basically entails a touchdown followed by ground taxi to the terminal.

However, it is not always the case that a plane touches down and taxis to a terminal. In some instances, the plane may touch down and take off again immediately, a phenomenon that is technically referred to as touch-and-go landing.The proceeding discourse endeavors to identify and discuss the main reasons why some planes touch down then take off again:Poor Weather Conditions

Certain adverse weather conditions such as cross winds and poor visibility may force the pilot to change his mind in the last minute as regards whether to taxi completely to the appropriate terminal or not. This may force him to take off again.

Mechanical Failures

The failure of some of the crucial components of the aircraft which are primarily responsible for safe landing such as the failure of the landing gear to fully deploy may necessitate a last minute change of mind by the pilot and force him to take off again.

Runway Issues

If the runway has any issues such as congestion, obstacles, or insufficient space for the aircraft to make a complete stop, among others, the aircraft pilot may have no choice but to take off immediately after a touch down until such a time when such issues are effectively sorted out.

Aviation Training

Flight training usually involves practicing how to land. This ordinarily entails landing the aircraft on a runway, followed by taking off immediately, then circling the airport in a predefined pattern, and then touching down again. The process is repeated over and over again.


It is important to note that the aforementioned reasons as to why some planes touch down and take off again may not be exhaustive since there are innumerable other factors such as advice by the Air Traffic Controller, insecurity e.t.c. that may force a pilot to abort a landing and which, owing to space constraints, could not all be enumerated.



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