Watch Most Amazing Dance Performance Ever !


We all love America’s Got Talent. It’s the show where talented (and not so talented) people from the entire country showcase what they’re made of, hoping to reach live shows and eventually win.

Each year, the show features a contestant or a group that deliver an unforgettable performance. Season 10 will forever be remembered for the dance routine that was performed at the auditions and left everyone completely speechless.

This particular dance was performed by Freckled Sky, which aims to create new forms of entertainment by blending dance with visual effects. The dancers performed lyrical dance, which is a combination of ballet and jazz, to portray the longing for one another.

Let’s get to know this amazing team a little bit better. The dancers you can see on video are called Jalen Preston and Olga Sokolova. Although they are both amazing, the founder, leader, and mastermind of the group is the person you can’t see in the video – it’s Val Syganievich. Val is a guy from Ukraine and he manages the entire group. In fact, he created the entire routine and team because he can’t dance himself.

Freckled Sky team loves minimalism. They don’t need decoration, props, and other things. Even their outfits are simple, which only emphasizes the point they want to express through their act. The only decoration this team needs is a big screen where Val can project his visual effects, and enough space where Jalen and Olga can show off their romantic moves.

To portray the emotions and concept of the act, Jalen and Olga danced to gentle music characterized by romantic piano tones. We can definitely say that Freckled Sky’s routine was a perfect combination of music, dance, visual effects, and impeccable display of emotions that made us feel everything that the two dancers feel.

The performance included video projections that depicted rain, thunder, water, colors, and dance. Unlike many other performances we get to see on the show, this was more than just an ordinary dance. The performance aimed to portray the story of a man and a woman trying to stay together in the face of the omnipotent being that was projected behind them.

The team’s talent was evident and it even impressed Howard Stern who gave them the golden buzzer. Let’s rewind the “tape” to the first season when Howard Stern joined the show. He reminded everyone that he didn’t care for dancing or dance routines, and he said he found them quite boring. However, Howard loved these guys just like Howie Mendel who said “I truly believe they can win this show”.

The story about Howard Stern hitting that golden buzzer button went viral and millions of people around the world watched the performance that was even described as “out of this world”.

Finally, the video of this act can serve us all as an example to stop being afraid of expressing our own creativity and ideas.


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