Watch Bizarre Japanese Game Show Called Grizzly Bear


A bizarre moment in a Japanese game show when a young lady inside a bear-proof cage screams while a funny aggressive huge bear rolls the cubical over and over again.

She is holding a video recorder on one hand and supporting herself over the reinforced glass wall with the other. But the bear really is so strong it effortlessly topples her compartment repetitively.

As she screams and jerks inside the cubicle, somehow she seems to catch attention of the bear even more. Then the animal unleashes his paws and pushes harder in a bid to free and devour her. It doesn’t look like it would give up sooner.

He bangs on the glass, then groans with rage, and maintains a sharp look at the terrified woman as if to say “if only this female human could slip out of this cage!” He acts like he could potentially kill her – the way he walks round the perimeter of the cage is extremely chilling to this lady.

He just doesn’t stop pounding on the cage and then he discovers that his efforts aren’t bearing any fruits. So he begins to change tactics. He walks right to the opposite side of the cage, focus on the very top of the cage and gives another hard punch that sends the cage rolling one time and a half.

Now the young lady contemplates that she is in grave danger. She forgets that she was taking a footage of the entire event and loses focus. She crouches in fear, puts her arms around herself and stays in the loop position to protect herself. She forgets that she was doing a demonstration and that everything was fine with her. Now her emotions begin to reveal on her face. She goes from screaming and laughing to moaning and shrieking. She realizes the bear isn’t playing games with her. But for the audience, he really is funny and entertaining.


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