Watch Interesting Poor vs Rich Hot Girl Prank


Life is full of fun and joy, we need to just look around and everything will smile back with you. Everyone gets up and downs in life, some of us get many times (like specialist), so don’t think that it is going wrongly with you alone.

Many things are still good and favorable for us in this world like enjoyment. We have different ways to enjoy at our own comfort advantage to be human, but there are few forms of entertainment crossed us suddenly and make us happy, laugh and joyful.

Prank is one of the most easy and free of cost refreshments of mind; it becomes more exciting and adventurous when it happens suddenly without our knowing. These pranks make us laugh on ourselves and this is the best way to feel lighter and more energetic. Prank goes more productive when a beautiful and hot girl involved to tickling people with their own activities, gesture and postures.

I would like to share a prank here with you that performed by a hot girl on roadside with people who are passing by near that girl. Theme was to understand and enjoy the attraction of the people for both rich and poor girl separately. She took firstly a beautiful Corvette car and invited people to share her riding and people not only accepted her offer, but they got entered without any hesitation, even no buddy said no or asked where to go.

But the dramatic scene changed instantly when that hot girl became poor so-called poor with a car, how interesting it is and offer a ride to the different people in her mini-van. Oh! My god! No buddy accepted her invitation to share mini-van even for a while.

Doesn’t matter what people chose and no matter why they chose that corvette against a mini-van, matter is to make people laugh and give them a new idea to keep them happy and positive for the whole life path.


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