Amazing Woman Put Her Hand Into Boiling Oil


If you’ve ever felt the intense pain a single drop of billing oil in contact with your skin can bring, you’re bound to be extremely careful about kitchen fryers. boiling oil is notoriously dangerous and brings unimaginable pain. However, one woman takes her kitchen to the extreme by using her bare hands to cook in a large vessel of fresh, boiling oil.

It’s not just the fact that the woman was so nonchalant about her amazing ability – she also seems to not sustain any injury or pain while her fingers are in the liquid. The person filming sounds so excited about her cooking but she easily does her job without flinching, No burns are bothering her, and she acts as though she has been cooking in oil with her bare hands all her life! She flips and retrieves the fried pieces of food with ease – she isn’t even in a hurry. This amazing chef makes hot oil seem like pleasant hot tub water with the way she casually dips her fingers in the scary liquid.


Hand frying has actually become a recognized practice of cooking food in oil. Several viral videos of chefs working with large vats of boiling oil are posted on the Internet. It is not certain what special characteristic of their skin has enabled them with such an amazing, and practical, talent. Over and beyond being a skin condition, it seems that it is a legitimate skill that has taken certain practice to perfect. Either way, the sight of human hands in dangerous hot, boiling oil is sure to bring in a crowd that appreciates incredible people and their out-of-this world capabilities.


Your own hands can’t handle freshly friend food – care to try dunking your hands straight into a vat of boiling oil? Let’s leave the extreme cooking to the amazing hand-frying chef.


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