3 Tips To Be a Great Soccer Goalkeeper


Becoming a great soccer goalkeeper who is more than just ready to save goals from the opponents and keep any messy situation near his side at bay, takes more than just normal practice and exercise. In football, goalkeeper is among the greatest contributors to a team’s success and he needs to be flexible, well coordinating, have great reflexes and agility.


Here you get 3 amazing tips to be a great goalkeeper to help you improve your catching, saving and defending skills as the best goalkeeper and heighten your focus as well. But Notre that you need to practice them regularly and perfect them to be an elite goalkeeper.

1. Mastering Your Techniques

As a goalkeeper, you need to understand that you are the key player in starting off the ball from your side and successfully getting it past your opponent’s side. Also, you are responsible for saving any shots coming and preventing severe attacks from the other side. And with that in mind, you need to be always on goes and alert, and also know what to do when you are in rough situations.

And to make sure you give the best, here are some areas you need to direct most of your attention to:

• Ball Distribution
You should always be alert and fully aware of your teammates’ positions after you have caught the ball from the opponents. Know which player is open and free to get the ball to accurately. And to do this in the best way possible, you should be quick and have good vision, such that when you get hold of the ball, you quickly give to the farthest open players. See first that the player you are about to give the ball to is spaced and flexible in all sides.

Whether you are to kick the ball or roll, make sure you define the exact location it is to get to. If you are throwing the ball underarm, just roll the ball out at pace.

Key Things to Note
– Make sure you first know the best spaced players before throwing the ball.
– Make sure that you throw the ball accurately.
– Make sure that the ball reaches the target player before an opponent covers him.

• Communication
Effective communication is needed to make sure there is no mix up between that goalkeeper and the defenders. You should make sure that you communicate more often to all your teammates so that there is a good working coordination. As a goalkeeper, you should know which position each defender is at and which player he is marking so that you know where chances of attack are and who is going to make the attack. Having a man on the post can help you save about three goals, by clearing the ball off the lines which you, the goalkeeper cannot reach.

Key Things to Note:
– Communicate with other players to know their position.
– Communicate to other players when you want the ball to go through to you. You can use words like “mine” or “leave”
– Communicate if you want the ball to be blocked by the defenders.

• Corner Kicks
During corner kicks, you need to know where best to stand to counter the oncoming attacks. Your best position depends on who is kicking, which foot will use and whether the ball is in swinging or out swinging. If it is in swinging, you should move a little closer to the post so that you protect well enough to avoid a score. If it out swinging, you should move a little farther away,maybe two to three meters away. Basically, you should be reach out to the ball at its highest point. And you have an advantage of being the only one who can use his hands.

Key Things to Note:
– Put your thumbs behind the ball so that you are secured from injuries.
– Catch the ball at its highest point.
– Come out with your knee as you get the ball, so that you defend yourself.

• One on One Cases
Most times, skillful players will find a way to get a clean through, whether by outrunning the defense or beating the offside trap. This leaves you alone with him. In such cases, the best thing to do is to make sure you stay on your feet as long as possible. Don’t move forward or to any other direction. This will leave the opponent with no other option other than aiming to score. And this will make them start doubting the best position to aim at. So to beat this situation, try to stay low as possible and prepare your hands to save the ball from any direction.

Key Things to Note:
– Never leave the post when you are alone with an attacker.
– Stay low and don’t freak out, or you will give the attacker the best grounds to score.
– Stay still to confuse the attacker on which position to score from.


2. Improving Your Skills

In sports, you need to have competitive skills to able to counter topnotch players AMD Don’t get yourself hurt. The following tips will help you keep on track, save you from injuries and save oncoming goals.

These worthwhile tips include:
• Monitor the ball throughout, from when it is on your side to the opponents’.
• Keep great focus on the ball when it is around your sides’ 18 yard.
• Know the exact position you are crossing the ball out to.
• Never stay too far from the goal line.
• Try to read the body language of your opponent.
• Let your opponent make the first move so that you can counter it.

3. Best Practice Moves to be a Topnotch Goalkeeper

The moves you are going to be reading, are set to help you improve your saving skill, counter attack and Mich more depending on the situations you will be in. Make sure you practice them and perfect them well enough and you are sure to make the best out of you.

1. Meet and Retreat (Procedure)
• One player crosses the ball to another player in the 18 yard.
• As the ball crosses, the keeper should out and either punch or catch the ball.
• The keeper should retreat to the goal post and be ready for the other player’s shot from the 18 yard.
• Repeat the drill 8 times, from all sides of the field, with player 2 in the same position.

2. Seated Save (Procedure)
• As the keeper, seat down on the post line with your feet out in front.
• Have a partner shoot the ball towards the goalpost, within your reach.( Partner should be ten meters away)
• With each shot, catch the ball from scoring and then cradle it. Then send it back to your partner.
• Perform a 60-seconds set.


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