Lucky Driver Escaped As Massive Boulder Rolls Off


When people go driving, their usual main concern is somebody else not running into them. However, one very lucky driver can give thanks to whomever he wants for escaping getting squashed by a boulder that fell off the side of a mountain .

Imagine the terror felt as that unfortunate driver saw that massive rock coming down that hill fast and right at him. Most of us would have a fit or drive off the road, no matter in whatever direction in order to get away. Seeing another driver, that of a train or a semi-trailer, coming straight at you is horrifying enough, but to see that would not be in the same category. And there is no way anyone could expect that to happen.

On the other hand, the video is well worth the look. Seeing it, you can feel the massive weight of that boulder, see nowhere to go and all you can do is simply wait for the hit. This footage will show you exactly how lucky the driver really was to escape with only a fright and some marks on the car. Insurance can cover the damage to the car, but there is no insurance ever invented that would cover the damage to the driver’s nerves.

Roads everywhere are supposed to be reasonably safe for people to drive on without too many problems. Boulders such as that one are supposed to stay where they are, as obviously was thought when it was left in place. Whatever made it shift may not be known properly but that it was not expected to move was obvious.

There are some very lucky, lucky people in the world. Some get their dream job with no seeming effort. Others have gone from rags to riches overnight almost from designing a simple app. Perhaps it is a case of being in the right place at the right time. Or maybe it is Divine intervention. Whatever it is concerning very lucky people, then it is hoped they are grateful.


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