Top 10 Bad Habits That Damages Your Teeth


Regular teeth cleaning and washing is not enough to preserve the appearance and health of your teeth. Small everyday habits can ruin your teeth without you realizing. Some habits show their negative effects immediately, while some destroy your teeth slowly.

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To help your dental care routine, we have put together the following list of top 10 bad habits that damages the dental health of your teeth.

1 – Using Teeth as Tools

Most people use their teeth to hold items, or open packages when their hands are full. Many people do not realize that using teeth as tools is one of the easiest ways to damage them. The main purpose of your teeth is to help you speak and chew. Using your teeth to perform other tasks could lead to cracks, fractures, or chips.


2 – Chewing on Ice

Chewing and snacking on ice seems harmless. After all, it contains no calories or sugar, so you feel that it must be a great snack, right? Unfortunately, ice can harm your teeth in different ways, including leading to fractures and breaks, causing painful toothaches and migraines, or leading to wear of your tooth enamel.


3 – Grinding Your Teeth

Does your child grind his or her teeth while asleep? Or do you clench your teeth when you are stressed? Both of these habits can cause severe tooth damage. The human jaw is incredibly strong, but clenching and grinding objects on them exposes them to immense amounts of pressure, which can make them to wear down and become weak.


4 – Biting Your Fingernails

Just like you should not use your teeth as tools, you should not use them to trim your nails. These seems harmless, but the reality is that nail biting can actually affect your oral health in several ways, such as flattening the edges of your teeth, weakening your tooth enamel, and exposing your mouth to diseases and infections.


5 – Drinking Soda or Sports Drinks

Soda and sports drinks are harmful to your teeth the same way candies are, because they contain large amounts of sugar. You are drenching your teeth in acid and sugar each time you take a soda or Pepsi. One of the best safe ways to keep your teeth safe and healthy is drinking water anytime you need to rehydrate your body.


6 – Sucking on Hard Candy

Candy contains a lot of sugar, which is your teethes worst enemy. When you take sugar, your mouth produces bacteria that begin the digestion process. The bacteria then produce acid that attacks both the sugar and the enamel of your tooth. Over time, the acid corrodes your tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay and cavities. The reason why candy is harmful is because it takes a long time to dissolve in your mouth.


7 – Snacking Constantly

Most people snack throughout the day to stay alert, but this is actually harmful to the teeth. Constant snacking causes your mouth to produce more acid and less saliva, which is harmful because saliva is your mouth’s first defense against decay. Saliva sweeps acid and food particles away from your teeth, protecting them from cavities and corrosion. So the less saliva you have, the less protected your teeth are.


8 – Eating Lots of Citrus Fruits

Although citrus fruits do wonders for your immune system and heart, they can harm your teeth. Citrus fruits, such as the oranges, lemons, and grapefruits, contain a lot of acids. As we have discussed in number six above, acid causes cavities and corrodes teeth. However, you should not cut out citrus fruits out of your diet. Just drink lots of water any time you snack on citrus fruits.


9 – Brushing Teeth Too Hard

Believe it or not, while brushing, you can damage your teeth. Forceful brushing, specifically with hard toothbrush bristles, wears down your tooth enamel and also irritates your gums. This can cause cavities and infections. To prevent damage and irritation, use a soft-bristled toothbrush if you tend to use a heavy hand while brushing.


10 – Thumb sucking

Although you probably do not struggle with the habit of thumb sucking, your child might be. Thumb sucking is harmless when your child has no teeth, but it can be harmful once teeth have grown. This habit misaligns teeth, which in severe cases can affect the ability of your child to breathe, chew, and speak.








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