Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Cold Showers


If you have been wondering whether there is any truth to the claims that cold showers do wonders for your health, read on and learn why you too should start taking cold showers.

1. It Promotes Fat Loss

When you take a cold shower, the temperature of your body drops as the blood close to your skin cools down and spreads this cooling effect to the rest of your body. Once this happens, your body immediately responds by burning fat in order to prevent your body temperature from dropping to dangerous levels. Thus, frequent cold showers can help you to loss more fat as your metabolic rate goes up in response to the effect of the cold water on your body.


2. You Recover Quickly After Exercise

People who exercise complain of feeling sore after their workout. You can reduce how sore you feel after exercising by taking a cold shower. The cold water lowers your body temperature and the body responds by withdrawing blood from the surface of your body to the internal organs. The result of this withdrawal is that better blood flow back to the heart and lungs will result since most of your blood will be concentrated around the internal organs. Waste products like lactic acid will be eliminated quickly and nutrients like oxygen will get to tissues faster so you will feel less sore due to this prompt response to the strain caused on your body by exercise.


3. Your Testosterone Levels Will Get a Boost

The male hormone testosterone is manufactured in the testes. This process requires relatively low body temperatures in order to take place and that is why the testes hung low during hot weather. Cold showers provide this ideal body temperature so your body will be better able to make this hormone.


4. Improved Breathing

Most people take shallow breaths and that reduces how much air goes into their lungs. The effect of this reduced air volume is low energy levels. Cold showers cause you to take deep breaths (especially when the cold water first hits you) and this sends large volumes of air into your lungs. The result of this air intake is that a surge of energy will flow through your body. It is therefore important to take frequent cold showers so that you breathe more deeply.


5. Better Looking Skin

Cold showers also have positive effects on your skin. The cold water makes the skin contract to reduce heat loss. That contraction also prevents the oils in your skin from being lost. That natural oil is responsible for keeping your skin from drying out so once it is preserved then you will look healthier since you will have a healthy skin tone. Your skin will remain hydrated and will not crack.


It may be initially hard for you to muster the guts to take a cold shower but keep thinking about what you stand to benefit and you will be motivated to take the plunge. Alternatively, you can start out with hot water then turn the hot water off towards the end of your shower. This will ease you towards getting used to the cold water and you will enjoy the health benefits discussed above.


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