10 DIY Tips For Creative Nail Art Designs


Here are 10 tips that you can use to paint your nails effectively with high-quality designs on them.

1. #DIY Nail Art

First paint your nails a light pink. Then take a toothpick and dip it in red paint. Then place three dots on your fingernails in a downwards triangle shape. Then move the toothpick between the dots to create a small heart. This can be done on each finger nail for some great DIY nail Art.


2. #DIY Nail Art

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If you have jagged edge scissors you can cut the edge of some Sellotape so that one side of the Sellotape has a jagged like shape. Then paint your nails black and place the tape over the nails when they are dry, leaving the jagged edge to expose a little bit at the base of the nail. Then paint another color at the base of the nail over the exposed section, so as to create a jagged effect.


3. #DIY Nail Art

Firstly paint your nails black and then once they are dry paint some white half circles on the end of each nail. Once these are dry paint two small dots for eyes and one black dot for a mouth. Once you have done this let them dry and you will have a set of spooky looking ghosts on the end of your nails.


4. #DIY Nail Art

Take some Sellotape and cut some Very thin strips from it. Then place these thin strips onto the end of the fingernail after you’ve painted it black. The place a whole piece of tape beneath these thin strips, so that it covers the whole nail. Then carefully paint on some silver paint and you will create thin stylish lines at the top of your nails.


5. #DIY Nail Art

You can create an organic pattern on your fingernail that will look dynamic and stylish. First paint them light blue. Then with a tissue dab glittery pink on top of the blue, once it has dried. This will create a natural organic pattern.


6. #DIY Nail Art

Paint your nails a light blue and then taken a thick brush and simply apply glitter directly onto the nail at the top, slowly fading out towards the base. This will create a sombre glitter look.


7. #DIY Nail Art

Paint your nails a certain color and then use a Band-Aid that has small holes in it once the nail is dry. Stick the Band-Aid on to the nail and paint another color between the holes. Then remove the Band-Aid and you will have little dots on your nails.


8. #DIY Nail Art

You can also use the end of a hairpin effectively to add blobs of paint of one color onto another color on your nails which will create bubbles of varying sizes.


9. #DIY Nail Art

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If you want to create a new color out of two existing colors that you already have, try mixing them together in different amounts so as to create a new color blend.


10. #DIY Nail Art

Sharpey pens are a popular form of permanent marker and come in many different colors. Try using a Silver or gold one on top of a cream color in order to create some fun patterns for your Nail Art Designs, such as hearts and other shapes.


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