Emirates Palace World Most Expensive and luxurious hotel


The Emirates Palace is a 7-star luxurious hotel that is located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It’s a landmark building that showcases the rich Arabian culture.

The hotel offers its guests a magical place to take pleasure in the richness of the Persian Gulf.


All its customers are given special treatment to suit their individual needs, and is ideal for tourist going on vacation. This expensive, luxurious hotel has created a unique niche in the hospitality industry.

It’s built on a private beach, and is surrounded by about 90 hectares of natural and artificial vegetation, with more than 100 domes stretching over 80 meters in height.

Emirates Palace has 394 luxurious suites and rooms, which have been intricately designed and furnished, offering its guests great luxury and comfort.

The guests are also served with special culinary cuisine, giving them personal experience that cannot be compared to other conventional hotels.

This luxurious hotel in Dubai also has a unique marina that overlooks a private, natural bay.

Design and Construction

The Emirates Palace was designed by John Elliott, a prominent architect who was the Senior Deputy President of Wimberly , Allison, Tong and Goo at that time. This was an international architectural company which specialized in designing luxury hotels.

The Emirates Palace was officially opened in March 2005, although some of its restaurants and other facilities were opened a year later.

This luxurious hotel was built by (and still belongs to) the government of Abu Dhabi.

The Kempinski Group is the company that manages the Emirates Palace.

Cost of building the hotel

The cost of building this luxurious hotel was 3.9 billion Sterling Pounds, which translates to 11 billion AED, or about 6 million US dollars.

It’s the most expensive luxurious hotel ever built in the world, with its closest competitor being the Marina Bay Sands, also a 7-star hotel located in Singapore.


Emirates Palace hotel has ninety-two suites and three hundred and two rooms, spreading over the main central building and double wings. Most of the rooms and suites have been furnished with marble and gold.

In the main building, there is an extensive marble floor and a huge patterned dome covered in gold, hanging above the ground.

One of the floors has 6 presidential suites that are exclusively reserved for visiting heads of state and government and other dignitaries.

Emirates Palace also has a huge conference room with a capacity of more than 1,000 people. The hotel also boasts of more than 40 executive meeting rooms, in addition to 6 expansive terraces.

The hotel’s beach club has a cycling and/or jogging path which is 6 kilometers in length, where guests can conduct their exercises. The beach club also features football facilities, large outdoor pools, a rugby pitch, a cricket pitch, several tennis courts, and facilities for water sports.

Memorable Events

The hotel usually hosts major events every year. The most memorable event was held on 24th October 2008, a show that was graced by Christina Aguilera (during her famous Back to Basics Tour’), which attracted an audience of approximately 15,000 people.

Costs of staying at the luxurious hotel

Staying in the rooms at the Emirates Palace costs Start $900 per night (including breakfast) and The presidential suite goes for $4,500 every night.


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