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The Walking Dead series on AMC still continues to thrill audiences in its 5th season. This show centers on a band of survivors who are trying to navigate their way through a post-apocalyptic world that has been overrun by zombies. The 5th season starts off with Rick and various members from his group about to become the “main course” for a group of heinous cannibals. This opening scene on the first show of the fifth season (titled “No Sanctuary”) was so dramatic and realistic that it helped to prove the series still remains popular and is relevant.

Official promotional poster / AMC
Official promotional poster / AMC


The Walking Dead Season 5 tells what happened to Rick’s group after their departure from the prison. By the way, the group does not necessarily follow after Rick but they have made him their leader. This is why I will refer to their group as Rick’s group for the sake of simplicity.


When the Governor had attacked the prison in season 4 he had forced Rick’s group from their stronghold. Once this happened many members of the group were scattered in different directions. The Governor had died during this assault and many people within in his camp had died or were scattered as well. Most of the remaining members of Rick’s group eventually found each other again by the end of season 4. Once they did they headed toward another survival camp called Terminus. Terminus was filled with cannibals. Rick and his group were eventually captured by the cannibals at Terminus.


A few members from Rick’s group were not captured by the people at Terminus. Eventually, they all managed to find their way back to each other since they figured out that Terminus was nearby. When Carol and Tyreese fled the prison they took Rick’s child and ended up off on their own. Through a series of events they found out that Rick and their other friends were about to be killed at Terminus. Tyreese stays behind to look after Rick’s daughter but Carol goes on to help save Rick and the others.


Carol creates an explosion that saves the members from being butchered. Then she uses the zombies to launch an attack on Terminus. During the assault Rick and his friends manage to get free. They over power some of the people at Terminus and get some weapons. They eventually fight their way out of the Cannibal Camp. Everybody eventually meets back up and they have some new members. Abraham, Rosita and Eugene are three new members who are headed to DC to resolve the zombie crises.


The group wanders for a short time before meeting up with Reverend Gabriel Stokes. The group naturally does not trust him but they eventually find shelter at his church. Eventually, the surviving members from Terminus try to hunt down Rick and the others because of what they did. The Terminus cannibals manage to capture a member from Rick’s group (Dale). They eat his leg. Dale tells them that he was bit by a zombie earlier and that they are eating tainted meat. The Terminus members drop him off back at the church nearly dead.


After the group finds out what happens they hunt down the remaining members of Terminus. Soon, the Terminus members infiltrate the church while Rick and the others are away. Rick and the others reappear at the church and kill the Terminus members once and for all. This was another gruesome and gory scene that really shook audiences.


Meanwhile, Beth (Maggie’s younger sister) is still missing. She disappeared during the 4th season after her and Daryl was separated. Daryl and Beth had fled the prison together after it was destroyed. They wandered around for a bit until she ended up being overrun by zombies. Somehow, she was saved by a policeman who happened to be in the right place at the right time.


Beth ended up back in the city of Atlanta being forced to stay at a hospital. This hospital is a base for a few police officers, a doctor and a few survivors. Beth is being kept coerced to stay at the hospital but it’s not like she is necessarily a prisoner. During her stay she encounters a young person like herself named Noah. Beth and Noah decide to flee the prison. When they do Noah gets away but Beth is captured.


Daryl and Carol wandered off from the group back at the church. They did this after Daryl saw the car that carried off Beth. Keep in mind that Beth was overrun by some zombies and Daryl was nearby fighting to survive. However, he was not able to rescue Beth; but he did manage to figure out that someone from an ambulance managed to take her.


Carol and Daryl go back to Atlanta to find Beth. As their search progresses, Daryl and Carol meet up with Noah. Eventually, Carol is captured by the same vehicle that took Beth and Noah and Daryl go back to the group for help. There is another plot twist that has taken place in season 5 and it involves Eugene’s claim to being able to resolve the zombie crises.


Season 5 is proving that the Walking Dead TV series still has staying power and that audiences continue to find it an interesting program. The show will is evolving and according to the ratings it is as popular as ever. The Walking Dead uses gore, suspense, action and elements of horror to thrill and entertain audiences. However, the main thing that makes this show very appealing is the reality aspect of the program. How people act and live during times of extreme crises is the most important element of the program that keeps audiences tuning in every Sunday.



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