Hero Guy Saves Kid Falling Life


video that went viral on the social media is footage of man saving kid’s life from a high fall in a shopping center.



As it can be seen from the video, the kid has for some reason climbed on the wrong side of an escalator that dragged him all the way up to the next floor. A young guy, most likely one of the employees in the shopping center, has rapidly acted when he saw that the kid was being pulled. In a miracles save, the kid’s hero has caught the kid in the exact moment of his fall.

After the video became popular on various social media, people started calling him a hero and that the kid’s life was saved by a mere miracle. As well, it has restarted a dialogue about parent’s responsibility in public areas.

While video did go viral, the most focus was directed towards the safety of the kid. Luckily, there are still some heroes among us that came and saved the day.



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