Completely totaled car driving – This is Unbelievable and Amazing


In the video you can easily see that the vehicle that is driving down the road is completely totaled. There is no question about that. The car has been deformed in any way that is possible. The back seat doors I am not sure can even be opened at this time. The extent of the damage is astronomical.

All I can think of that might have happened is a pile up involving more than one vehicle. Not to mention it looks as though the vehicle might have been flipped at some point seeing as how the top of the car is also dented in. The trunk is also sideways and not lined up with the car correctly. Most insurance companies at that point would take your car and you would get a new one, after an incident like this.

As you can hear form the laughter in the video, the people that were recording thought this was a very funny thing to see. Which in many cases other people would think the same. Though, you would have others who would actually feel bad because how do we know that the person had no choice but to drive that. In the video once the people video taping drive up beside the car you can tell that the man knows what he is doing and is not even remotely upset about the situation. He smiles at the camera as they pass by. It honestly seems as though the only reason that he was doing this was for the attention from others. Which he did receive. Though he is an older man so it is possible that he has gone through enough life to understand that things happen for a reason. He might not been able to afford the repairs but it does not bother him. Then again it could simply be a fake face, trying to stay strong in a very bad situation.

I think that vehicles on the road like this is dangerous no matter the situation. Parts can fall off and damage other vehicles or possibly cause more wrecks. Though there is one question that remains, and that is how on earth is that car still able to drive down the road after what it looks like it has been through. It truly puts a new meaning to “drive it until the wheel’s fall off”.



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