Picking Up Girls In A Lamborghini Without Talking!


This video of a guy picking up girls in his Lamborghini without saying a single word shows off a number of different “Life Truths”.

First off and most noticeable this video shows that most women, or at least the ones in the video, whether they want to admit it or not are simply gold diggers. At the root of it all, they are attracted to money and power. While there is nothing wrong with that, it simply goes to show that looks often times don’t matter and are overlooked simply because of the car. The guy driving is not a bad looking guy, but had he simply walked up to these women on the street without his car, he probably would not have been given the time of day. The Lamborghini instantly made him more attractive and thus, women were more readily acceptable to his advances, even without saying a word.


Second, it truly shows the power of the car. Since being developed, the Lamborghini has been viewed as a status symbol. It is a unique car. When you see it driving down the street, you immediately know what it is, even though they are pretty rare. Because it is so unique, you even see in the video that one of the women actually takes a “selfie” next to the car. She will probably show it off to her friends later on because it’s “hot”.

Lastly, I can remember growing up and our parents and teachers all taught us to never talk to strangers. In the these years , without all of the news stories talking about women being abducted, raped, murdered you would think that some of them would have enough common sense to not get into a car with a stranger, but then again he is driving a Lamborghini and technically there’s wasn’t any talking.


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