10 Tips on How to Take an Awesome Selfies


In today’s social media world of Facebook, Twitter, and the ever popular photo haven, Instagram, taking selfies have became somewhat necessary. Selfies are pictures that are taken by the person in the photo, hence the word “selfie”. Many selfies are taken in front of a mirror, or taken with the camera pointing towards the person of interest. However, taking a nice shot can be difficult, especially if the person taking the pictures is inexperienced with the camera. Taking a nice photo requires several tricks and tips that most selfie snappers are unaware of. In this article, we will give the best and most detailed tips on how to take an amazing and awesome selfie.
Once you follow these photo taking tips, you will be on your way to taking a glamorous model shot.

© Eugenio Marongiu - Fotolia.com
© Eugenio Marongiu – Fotolia.com


1. Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Light

One of the most important things that nearly every expert photographer realizes is that light is an ideal aspect of taking a nice photo. Light helps to prevent the light from the camera flash from showing up in your selfie, which is very unflattering. It is best to use a natural light such as sunlight if you can, and it is ideal to take the photo an hour after sunrise or just before sunset. However, this may not be possible since most selfies are taken indoors. If you are taking an indoor selfie shot and need natural light, try open shade. Be sure that you go for more even lighting instead of very bright light, which can cause shadows. When you are indoors, moves towards natural light that is coming from the windows and doors, or go with a soft light bulb. You can even go with neon bar signs. Some of the best selfies are taken in low light or dim light.



2. Be Careful With Your Angles

The second most important tip is to watch out for your angles. It is best to look in the mirror and try out different types of angles. Once you find a good angle, stick with it. Most people look better and trimmer when they hold their camera away from them at a 45 degree angle high above their heads. Other selfie flattering angles include having your head tilted at a slight angle in front of the picture, and tilting your face so the left side of your head shows more. Avoid taking full frontal face photos; they can cause you to appear more flat. You should also never be dead center in the photo. Pick your best side, and stay with it. Also, invest in a camera timer or mini tripod; arm length selfies are not attractive.




3. Either Go With The No Filter Look, Or Use A Camera Filter

If you do not look all your best after taking your selfie, you may need to use a special filter. There are many free photo apps available that will give you a smooth glossy finish. Extreme filters, such as Willow or Inkwell, will completely erase any dark lines or circles you may have on your complexion while giving you a candle lit glow. If you don’t want to use a filter but still want that picture perfect flawless glow, you can use special make up techniques, such as using a matte bronzer, black eye liner, lip gloss, and volumizing mascara.



4. Don’t Rush To Take A Picture

When handling a camera, make sure that you handle it slowly. Making your camera to fast will cause your selfie to be blurry and out of focus. It can also cause your camera to snap a picture of something else besides you.




5. Make Sure That You Remove Your Phone Cover

If you are using a camera phone for your selfie, as most people do, make sure your camera lens is completely uncovered. Many people forget this important step, however your camera lens will catch part of the cover, which will cause your photo to become less clear.




6. Pump Out Your Hair More

Most selfies can give the appearance of flatness, which will require work to fix. However, you can appear more fuller in your photo by adding volume to your hair. Try adding volume to your hair on to and around the sides, as these are the main areas the camera tends to flatten.




7. Take Your Selfie With A Nice Background

Don’t accept the stardard “bathroom selfie”. If you want a nice photo, make sure you have a pretty background. It’s best to take an outdoor selfie for the best backgrounds, but if you do take one indoors try taking one in your bedroom. Be sure to clean up first, and pose next to something interests you, such as a bookcase.




8. Focus On Your Best Feature

If you have a particularly stunning feature, such as pretty eyes, make sure that you focus on it while downplaying less attractive features. Apply a complementary make up to your best features as well.




9. Be Sure To Smile

One of the basics to taking a photo is to smile. Don’t be afraid to smile; it gives your photo a warm and happy feeling. Try to play around with different types of smiles until you find the one that best suits you.




10. Be Creative And Have Fun.

One of the main reasons for taking a selfie is to take a chance and become creative. Don’t strain for the perfect picture, just relax and enjoy yourself. Get creative with your picture by adding different poses, objects, and effects.



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