How to Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos


One of the most popular networking apps currently been used by millions of people out there is a photo sharing app called Instagram. Instagram is an exciting way for users to share still frame images from their daily lives with family, friends, and lots of other Instagram users all around the world. While it can be a very cool feeling to post an image on Instagram and see that a few people seemed to like it, many people would love to reach a larger Instagram audience and see all of their images get far more likes on them. What a lot of people are wondering about is what kinds of things they might be able to do in order to receive more Instagram likes. Let’s take a look at how to gain more likes on your Instagram photos.


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1. Link Your Instagram Account With Your Facebook Profile. One pretty surefire way to get more photo likes on Instagram to set up your Instagram account to automatically post links to your new images on your personal Facebook profile page. To do this, users just need to set their Instagram account to link to Facebook, and them tell Facebook to allow access to Instagram for future photo posts. What’s great about doing this, is that most people have all of their closest family members, friends, and peers on their Facebook friend lists. These people should make up a nice audience for the photos you share, and will be the people most likely to hit that like button on your Instagram images. Don’t be afraid to let your friends on Facebook know that it makes you happy to get likes on your photos, as this will encourage them to make a point to hit like on the things that really catch their eye.


2. Add Detailed And Descriptive Hashtags To Every Photo You Post. Some people are still catching on to the social media hashtag craze while others have been taking advantage of this cool and useful tool for quite some time now. A hashtag is a word used to describe a post which is denoted with the use of a pound sign in front of it, attached to the actual word. For example, if posting a photo of a cute puppy, someone might add hashtags that say #cute and #puppy or condense the phrase down to #cutepuppy, combining the desciptive words into one hashtag.


3. Find Out What Hashtags Are Trending And Post Photos Which Match That Hashtag. If you notice that a certain hashtag keeps appearing on the photos that other people are posting, make a point to get some attention drawn to your Instagram account by posting an image that can be appropriately tagged with that same popular hashtag. For example, if a new movie is coming out in theaters that everyone is talking about, a hashtag featuring the name of the movie might begin to trend. Consider posing outside of a theater when the film is playing and posting the hashtag with the trending movie title attached to your post.


4. Post Interesting, Artistic, And Well-Edited Photos When Possible. Most of the time, when someone is out having fun and they want to post an Instagram photo showing their followers what they’re up to, they don’t take the time or bother with editing their photos before sharing them. Those who really want to develop a following should delay the impulse to post right away and out some thought into how to make their photos look their absolute best before sharing.


5. Interact With Other Instagram Users. Sometimes the best way to get a like from someone on a photo post, is to take the time to go and give them a like on one of their photos first. Being active in the Instagram community by liking and commenting on other people’s photos is a great way to develop a following.

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© T.Tulik –

6. Post Your Photos At Times When People Are Most Likely To See It. There are some proven popular times when people are most likely to check the feeds of their social network account. These times include in the morning before work or school, at lunch time such as early in the afternoon, and in the evening after work. Depending on how busy your followers are on the weekends, sometimes posting on a Friday or Saturday night when most people might be going out and socializing with others in person could leave a lot of your photos unseen by them. Take note of when your circle of Instagram followers seem to be most responsive to your photos, and try to post regularly whenever you can at those times.


7. Make Sure To Comment Or Hit Like Several Times On Photos Posted By Popular Instagram Accounts. It is great exposure for your Instagram photos to get your name out there, and when you comment or hit like on photos posted to popular Instagram accounts, it is very likely that a lot of people might see your name and want to go and check out what kind of photos you are posting. This is especially true when users share similar interest or taste in photo styles and subjects.


8. Post Photos To Instagram With The Color Blue In Them. This might sound too simple and strange to be true, but a recent study showed that Instagram images with blue in them receive 24% more likes on average than photos which are mostly orange or red tones. So, post images in colors more like the sky or the ocean rather than autumn tree tones and test out this statistical theory.


9. Share Your Instagram Images On Twitter With Proper Hashtags. This is a great way to reach more people. Twitter is a very popular networking site right now.


10. Be Unique. Post things that only you can post whenever possible and let your personal sense of style shine through in your photos. The more you post great content, the more people will want to see all of the future Instagram photos you have to show them.


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