How Does He Do It ?


Stevie Pink, a 42 years old illusionist, seems to have many tricks up his sleeve and he managed to astonish us with his shocking performances. The incredible performance where he presented new illusion truly confirmed that he is marvelous and that he’s got a gift. His participation in this performance is the right move to promote everything he has to offer! The illusion of making his assistant levitate has left everyone persistently wondering how he managed to do it.


From the moment he stepped onto the stage, he captured our attention even though the sight was little bit hard on the eyes, since everything was pink! From clothes to stage props – pink everywhere you look. The lady came to the stage with the song She’s Like The Wind’ playing in the background. They started dancing capturing the attention of the audience, even though it seemed that Alesha Dixon was not impressed at all. She looked pretty sceptical while they danced and both she and Amanda Holden buzzed when Stevie hypnotized the lady and took her in his arms, making it clear that they don’t want him on stage.

It seemed that they truly acted ahead of time, considering that the main part of illusion was just starting! Simon seemed genuinely interested to see what will happen next. The audience and the judges were looking in disbelief while the magician started the main part of his act. Seemingly easy, he started levitating the woman which triggered the screams of the excited audience.

The illusion wasn’t over yet, since Stevie removed the base that was holding her, leaving her completely floating in the air. By the smiles of David Walliams, Simon Cowell and the audience, you could really see that they are completely stunned and that they want to see more! At this point, even Amanda was truly thrilled! Stevie moved the lady around like it was nothing at all, proving along the way that there was nothing around her body that could support her. Each person looking at this was in complete disbelief! By putting her down, the illusion was over, but not the complete verve of the audience and the judges.

All of this was more than enough to change the opinion of Alesha and Amanda. Both of them apologized for buzzing so soon and stated that the act was really good. Alesha explained that the reason she buzzed so early was because she had an impression that the performance was tacky’. As for David, he described Stevie as a really brilliant magician.’ Attractive assistant was a definitive plus for the male part of the audience. Simon stated that he liked the fact that he couldn’t conclude how the illusion was made. All in all, the four judges agreed to give Stevie Pink the opportunity to participate in the next round.


Even though no one actually learned how the illusion was performed, at the end the only thing that is important is that everyone had a great time and that Stevie got what he wanted – the respect and the pass to another round. Seeing this has made everyone believe that he will fulfill his dreams and we wish him all the luck in the world!

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