10 Bad Habits That Lead To Depression


Depression is regarded a mental and emotional disorder. Several individuals think that the state of depression is all about being sad. This is just the beginning and it gets a whole lot worse. Depression is capable of robbing you of your energy, memory, concentration,  your hobbies become a bore and if not addressed at this point, the will to live is lost too. At this state, it is best to get professional help from a qualified doctor.

The following are some bad habits that may lead to depression and or worsen the situation and must be avoided at all costs.

Lack of exercise
You need exercise to keep your body and mind strong and healthy. Depression is brought about by remaining inactive. By always staying indoors doing nothing, you tend to be eat too much and all you do is stay lazy. In no time, weight gain becomes a problem and depression starts to kick in soon after.

It is therefore important to exercise and stay active. This addresses the needs of your body and mind thus keeping you away from depression. If you do not want to do anything strainous, you can opt for walks or you can pick up hobbies like mountain climbing, swimming or any other sport.


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© JPC-PROD – Fotolia.com

Bad eating habits
Staying healthy seems like a joke until you find yourself with a diet related ailment like obesity and depression. If your meals lack essential nutrients like omega-3, the brain is prone to get into the state of depression.

Ensure that you get the necessary nutrients to enrich your brain and your mind set will be more open to handling stress levels that may lead to depression.

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© Gina Sanders – Fotolia.com


Bad sleeping habits
Some people stay up late for various reasons and in no time, they are up in the morning preparing to leave for their work stations. This is not advisable at all as it alters the balance between rest and work. It is advisable that you get enough rest of about 8 hours a day. Lack of sufficient sleep can cause depression as the individual is constantly tired and on the edge as the body is exhausted.Reduce the risk of depression by getting sufficient sleep and make it a habit to clearly define the pattern. Avoid random patterns. Try to adopt a pattern that your body will be accustomed to. Do not derive yourself of sleep and reduce your chances of creating a situation ideal for depression.

Some individuals believe in living a life of isolation where teamwork and involving others does not give meaning to them. This lonely behaviour makes individuals less interactive and they end up keeping things that they are supposed to open up in secret. The inner self can therefore not be at peace as not much is being solved and the individual carry’s the burdens that life has to offer without sharing them.It is therefore important that people learn to be social as social activities brighten one’s mind and they are able to share some problems and get the burden off their chest. Remember a problem shared is half solved. Research indicates that people with a strong social network are less likely to develop depression. Have relationships with friends and family.


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© pressmaster – Fotolia.com

Work overloads can be quite a burden and the problem comes in when the fear of not being able to complete the tasks assigned to you. People who wait last minute to have work done tend to get into depression than those who spread out the work load over a given period of time. It is important that you get work done without straining yourself.

Handle the much you can. With a spread out schedule that is reasonably times, you should be able to decrease the chances of getting to the state of depression.

Too many choices
Many individuals will get totally confused at the aspect of making choices. Many want to make the right choice and it can be rather disturbing when everything looks alike and you are trying so hard to make the right choice. While some will walk into the store and pick out anything that will serve the purpose they need and walk out, others will take time to pick out what they regard is the best. This inability to let go and make a decision can be rather disturbing as the fear to make the wrong choice can be devastating.

Try and let go of some petty issues and keep in mind that you can have a given objective accomplished in several other ways.

Constant Negative thought
It is not that every other aspect has to be related to everything that is bad. Constantly thinking negatively is more likely to get you in a state of depression. Thing that you cannot change should not be your line of focus either.

Stop always thinking of aspects such as rejection, loss, failure or threats. As much as life is not always about good, do not always put your concentration of the bitter side of life.


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© Africa Studio – Fotolia.com

Drug and alcohol abuse
These intoxicate your body and mind. Making the correct judgement over things is not only tampered with but your mental state is also disfigured. In turn depression kicks. Drug and alcohol abuse do not just lead you to a state of depression but also worsens the situation if consumption is maintained.

It is therefore important to stop alcohol and drug abuse. If it is proving difficult, you can always seek medical help to help you get through it.

Self pity
The state of self pity arises when individuals feel like they are not doing enough and that they are not good enough for anything or anyone. Depression will kick in sooner than you can imagine as you are constantly thinking of why you and not someone else.

Keep in mind that you have no idea what any other person is going through and focus on the achievements you have been able to achieve.


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© lassedesignen – Fotolia.com

Comparing yourself to others
We all set targets to work with but it is important to set your benchmark within your capabilities. Depression will kick in faster if you are to start comparing yourself to others especially if they have been able to achieve more than you have.

Keep in mind that you have time to get there and stop wishing that you were already at there position.



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