Justin Bieber Net Worth A Story Of Success


19 years back on 1st march 1994 a boy was given birth in Canada and who knew after 19 years, this boy will be the richest celebrity of Hollywood industry.

Justin Bieber, a famous musician, actor, singer, song-writer in other words a complete package. He was taught guitar and drums at an age of four. He brought together a local singing contest when he was in seventh grade. He won second prize in that competition, although he did not practice before the competition.
His videos on YouTube encouraged him a lot. A good deal of encouragement from home and supporters and plenty of requests from his fans on YouTube took him to the adjacent stage. His first famous album “My World” was launched, after his four solo songs, on November 17 2009, that hit the record beyond imagination.

His first full- length album launched on march 2010 which hit all the records on the chart. This 19 year old male child has gained so many accomplishments and awards that are an evidence of his backbreaking work and commitment. He won Artist of the year prize in 2010 and 2012 at American music awards. He was named as best pop vocal album in 53rd Grammy awards. Justin Bieber keeps in touch with his fans on twitter and his fan followers are more than 40 million now.

Being most famous celebrity and highest fan following, Justin Bieber is the third-most powerful celebrity in the world. He has sold more than 150 albums and countless singles. He is worth $160 million to date and his yearly wage is $50-70 million per year.
The earnings of 2013 of this rich celebrity were around $58 million out of which $129,490,000 were projected earnings. His pay, earned from shows was $42,700,000 and his earnings from YouTube views were $14,425,000.


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He is the highest paid celebrity of Hollywood today and he is still accumulating his wealth by endorsing his name for different accessories that includes headphones and even a nail varnish stain. He too threw a lock of his hair to a talk show host, who auctioned it for around $ 41,000, however all the measure went to a barn foundation.Even being a highly paid and richest celebrity, he is earning almost from every background. He lives a lavish life and deserves to live one. He is a trend setter and a fashion statement for million of teenagers today. He drives most luxurious cars of the world.
Justin Bieber has a luxurious condominium in New York that is gifted by his grandmother on his 16th birthday. The value of this condo is 1.7 million and is sited in the middle of L.A.
The house is indeed a luxury for a young guy. It is lavishly made and decorated, spread over 2400 square feet having three-bedrooms and four-bath rooms. The living room of the house is constituted in such a perspective that one can watch the entire city from there.
Justin Bieber gifted himself a new mansion worth $10.8 million in the Hollywood hills. The house gives a dramatic sight of lake Hollywood having 5 chambers. It has magnificent large living room with glass walls, meeting rooms, outclass kitchen, a private movie theater, bar area, massage and gym room and so a great deal more that it’s a gross software system. It has a master room with a master bathroom that appears like a spa. Beautiful gardens, decks and open sky terrace are an integral component of this artistic mansion. This house covers an expanse of 9385 square feet. The house presents a breathtaking vista of the lake from the living room.

Bieber has a long path to travel. He is only 19 and is the third-most powerful celebrity and has the largest fan following which is increasing day by day, who knows what more he is about to achieve in the coming age

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