Best Tips to Get a Lower APR on Your Credit Card


Any individual who possess a credit card will not appreciate in giving a great credit card interest. Instead you might feel to demand a lower interest rate from the credit card companies and there are complete chances that you are going to get it. You have just to pick up the telephone and just get a good knowledge of how much the company is willing to keep up the business with you.

It is an easy process and the time duration to lower the credit card interest varies in various ways.

The various tips to get a lower APR on your credit cards are as follows:

1.You need to contact the customer service at the issuing bank. You can easily get the contact number of the customer service on the back of your credit card and also on your statement.

2.You then need to give your identification and then you need to inform the customer service that you wish to lower your interest rate in the credit card. Along with your demand, you should also mention the best things at this time such as your punctuality in your payments, possessing a high credit score, being a long cardholder’, having taken the minimum loans etc.

3.You should also mention the low interest credit card offers that you have received in your mails from the other competing banks.

If the organization agrees to accept your demand and lower the APR in your credit card, then you must thank them. Followed by this, you must get all the details of the new rate introduced by them. You should clear all your doubts and get this knowledge that whether it is a short term promotional offer or the net annual percentage rate (APR) that they have introduced. Also, know it that whether the rate is going to get valid from that time or not.

In case if the bank denies to accept your request and doesn’t decrease the APR, you must emphasis and strongly proclaim that you will be forced to get into another bank offering a lower APR in your credit card, if they are not able to compete with the other offers from the rest of the competing banks that you have got in you mails.

If you still find no progress in their work and find no change in their offers, then try to talk with the supervisor of the bank, and try to convince him again with the same demands and with the same vigour.

If still they don’t agree, you must again call up the next day with the same proposal with the vigour for convincing them for accepting your demands. To get what you desire requires you to reach to the right customer service Representative.

credit card

1.Now there may be the case that you have been told a big no’ after so many attempts to get your request granted. That is the time when you should give a stern thought about the threat of yours to them about your leaving their bank and going to some other bank giving you better offers.

2.You must give a short but serious glimpse on the rest of the credit card offers from the other competing banks that you have received in your mail. You must then go for a decision that whether a balance transfer will make a good financial sense for you’. You should not forget, at the same time, to scrutinize the terms and policies of the offers from various banks, with paying due attention to any of the transaction fees and also the duration of any promotional rates.

3.If your move to some other bank that helps you in getting more economic benefit, then it is most advisable to go ahead and have a transfer of your balance to a new credit card after having gone through the entire fine-print of the mail sent by the bank you are opting for.

At the same time, it is advisable and wise to keep your old accounts also open even when not using them due to the current credit scoring practices. So, the only thing you have to do if your present bank officials don’t agree to your demands, is to wipe out the balance on your present credit card, and tuck it in the drawer’ where you won’t be attempted to use it.



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