Top 20 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Winter


Breakfast is the first meal for many people and the best thing to do while you are at it is to eat all the healthy foods that will provide the much needed energy to go through the day and to keep you satisfied until the next meal. Winter months have very cold mornings and the type of breakfast eaten determines the level of temperature in the body. The stomach is a good heat generator which is why people should eat foods that will provide ample heat to keep off the cold. Below are a number of breakfast ideas and foods that can make great meals to start a winter morning and help in keeping warm.

1. Porridge: This is the king of all breakfast meals that can be taken for breakfast. Porridge is mostly made of ingredients with low glycemic index and this means that it releases energy slowly and can be used in warming the body through the cold part of the day. The ingredients can be adjusted to suit different needs.

2. Breakfast Casserole: Breakfast casseroles are great options when it comes to winter breakfast and the possibilities are only restricted by imagination. They can contain foods such as vegetables in season, eggs, and bread and since they are best served hot, they can help in keeping warm.

3. Crunchy Granola: The simple granola can assist in making a fast healthy meal on a cold morning and can accommodate a range of dried fruits for better taste. The food is great to fight the cold and keep the stomach full.

4. Apple-Pecan baked oat meal: Oat meal is always good for breakfast anytime, but for winter, baking it with apple will provide a good health breakfast meal for energy and warmth.

5. Pastel Omelet with goat cheese, fresh herbs and shitake mushrooms: This meal is packed with important vitamins and gives a satisfying feeling that keeps the body warm and is an interesting meal to consume.

6. Spice Carrot bran muffin: These are muffins full of flavor and are among the easiest muffin to prepare since they take about 15 to 20 minutes to bake. Bran cereal can be used to provide energy and heat that will take you through the cold mornings.

7. Apple Waffles: Apple spice waffles are comforting any time of the year but they can warm the body up to fight the cold spell. The waffles are open to different drinks such as a cup of coffee, tea or a hot glass of milk to energize and provide the body with a source of heat.

8. Peaches and cream French toast: Waking up in the morning to a warm aroma of peaches can start a great day with an amazing morning full of healthy foods. The toast will provide the energy and the peaches will enhance the meal into a something that people enjoy to eat.

9. High-Octane pancakes: There is nothing better than flipping a couple of pancakes in a cold morning and eating a hearty meal that will do more than just keep the stomach full. Pancakes are known to provide high energy and a lot of heat during digestion, thus are appropriate ingredients of a health winter breakfast.

10. Scrambled egg sandwiches: While this is an easy meal to make, it has the ability to provide the energy the body requires in the regulation of heat. It takes a few minutes to make the sandwich and spicing it up can brighten the morning.

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11. Berry-Filled doughnuts: Berries are healthy for the body and its functions and when they are incorporated in a doughnut, they go a long way in ensuring there is ample heat being generated to protect the body from the cold weather.

12. Pear-hazelnut quick break: Ripe pears and toasted hazelnuts can be combined to create a homey quick bread that will play a major role in the making of a health winter breakfast idea to keep you warm and your health in check.

13. Banana bread: Bananas are great sources of instant energy due to their high sugar levels. They can be used in making banana bread which is a good healthy breakfast meal that will assist in providing energy converted to heat in the body.

14. Apricot-walnut cereal bars: The bars are chewy and are great alternatives to store cereal bars. The ingredients provide important vitamins and proteins that help in starting the day. The recipe is open to adjustment to accommodate other nuts and fruits for a meal with more health benefits.

15. Spinach Quiche: Quiche can be a great meal anytime of the day but it is a great breakfast treat. Spinach is vitamin packed and has essential minerals to keep the body functioning well. The meal includes a whole wheat crust and while spinach is the most common vegetable used, others can also be included.

16. Citrus fruit salad: A medley of citrus fruits makes a great meal when coupled with eggs and whole toast and helps the body in heating up different parts. They are at their peak in winter and thus are fresh.

17. Healthy Nuggets: The cereal lasts a few months in refrigeration and since winter is cold, warming in a microwave will assist a great deal in making them fresh like they were made that day. They are great energy providers and will also improve heat distribution around the body.

18. Breakfast Burrito: Burritos are versatile and a lot of ingredients can be added depending on the desired taste. Some of the common foods include eggs, avocados tomatoes among many others. They are also great in providing warmth.

19. Biscuits and Gravy: Warm gravy full of savory sausage make a great meal especially when mixed with biscuits. The combination is great in providing a meal that will warm up the belly which is the best source of heat for the whole body.

20. Fruits: There is a range of fruits that act as great energizers such as apples and bananas. They are portable and can be used as break fast on the go and still manage to give the body enough energy to control the temperatures within.



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