Greatest Funniest Most Unique Soccer Goal Celebration


It’s no secret that Italy has among the best football displays not to mention the best players that the world has to offer. However, in recent times it has been making news for one of the most unique and hilarious goal celebrations ever to grace the face of the earth. In a match between Ponticelli and Riolo Terme in one of the lower leagues in Italy, the unexpected happened after Riolo Terme was awarded a free kick.

As one would expect, the free kick was taken straight to the goal but the alert goal keeper managed to get his hands on the ball in time. However as soon as the ball landed in the keepers hands, they got wobbly and all of a sudden he didn’t look so alert. This unfortunate mistake landed the ball right on the boots of one of Riolo Terme strikers who did not hesitate to give it two quick kicks in the right direction. We all know how that feeling of scoring can make most players lose it.
From doing flips, removing shirts and swearing into cameras we have seen it all. What we have not seen is what this particular player did. After scoring, the rather simple goal, the player did the usual run-arounds avoiding all his fellow team mates while heading to the teams dug-out. You would think he wanted to hug the coach or the substitutes but no, he ran straight into the Plexiglas of the dug-out and broke it with his head. He consequently got up and headed back to the field where the highlight of the moment was waiting. The referee did not hesitate on giving him a red card for his actions to see him off the field.

As much as many would see the punishment of the player as quite excessive, FIFA does have rules that govern the extent of celebrations and how far a player can take the joy. The details of this particular case are still being sorted and it is not clear whether the player may have broken a couple of FIFA rules in the wake of his celebration. To begin with, the referee could have the found the player’s destructive nature as a concern hence his action. As much as the player did not break any of the specified rules that are stated in the FIFA rule book that include removing your shirt, showing certain quotes on under garments or scaling the perimeter wall to celebrate with fans, the player did portray some rather bizarre habits in his celebration.

As to whether or not the player should have been given his marching orders or given a yellow card, it is a matter of technicalities given that the above rules only warrant for a yellow card and only a red card if you had been booked before. Not forgetting the fact that more than often unique is found to be offensive, FIFA seems relentless as to curbing how ecstatic a player can get after scoring that vital goal. Some of the rules that could be implemented in the near future include not showing any kind of messages in the player’s under garments and cupping of the ears.


Considering that intense feeling of anticipation and anxiousness of soccer as a sport, it is safe to say that this would not be the last act of uniqueness and bizarre nature that we’re going to see. However, the directive that is given on this particular case will affect to a large extent the occurrence of similar events in the future.



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