Dell P2815Q 28-inch 4K monitor


A new model that is bound to leave people talking because of its various distinguishing features is the dell 28-inch 4k monitor. It comes highly recommended and is absolutely worth the value no matter how high it maybe because of its effectiveness and uniqueness.

It has a resolution that beats the previous 27-inch monitor. The screen size is really big to make sure of the added resolution that ensures whatever you are watching is absolutely crystal clear and sharp. The resolution is really second to none. The picture quality can easily be mistaken for the 3D version because of the quality it brings. The stand for the monitor is fully adjustable you are able to tilt the monitor to whatever angle you are comfortable with. This machine hooks up to almost anything because of the HDMI, display port and mini display port inputs. It also has four ports that connect USB devices. This dell machine comes with a 3 year warranty. This is very unique if you compare that to the usual one year warranty given to the other machines. The HD clarity also comes in handy when editing photos and playing games. It has also several accessories like the stereo sound bar and the monitor arm. You will also be surprised how affordable this monitor is because it is really pocket friendly.

Despite it being very new in the market and being officially released just few days back many customers who bought it have given it rave reviews. They say it comes highly recommended and is really good value for money. Some even said the value is too low for what it really offers. Others thought it was too good to be true because there is no way it can be so affordable and the features so essential and of high quality. So they bought it and they admit it has no defects as well, they say it is worth having and is better than the previous versions by far. In case you are a doubter same as the few who doubted this dell monitor, make sure you check out the customer reviews. They all say it is the best and it has no major disadvantages. The reviews given should give you confidence enough to try it out for yourself.


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This new dell 4k monitor with all its reviews is absolutely affordable to most people for $620 to 700 in some store or online . You will be surprised to note that it is even cheaper than the immediate previous version the 27-inch dell. It has better features than the previous one and yet it is still affordable. So price should not be a problem if you want to experience this latest technology. It is worth the value and there should be no reason why you shouldn’t own it. Price mostly is usually a deterrent, but with this one you have no excuses at all.

The monitor comes with an anti glare feature that protects you from affecting your eyes when you look at the screen for long. The connection offers several display ports to be used by many devices including smart phones, there are also four USB ports available. The color depth offers around 1 billion colors for different viewing. This helps to bring razor sharp clarity. The dell monitor has a viewing angle of 170 degrees and the response time is 5MS. The brightness offered is of high quality and isn’t harmful at all. Power consumption is around 75 watts. All these specifications are unique compared to other dell monitors and are the best compared to all of them too.

This new dell monitor is a technology that is a must have. Many monitors with lesser features than this 4k monitor have negative reviews, but for this one the positive reviews given are what make it different from the rest. The reviews are what make you buy the product as well and since there is no one single negative review it should be proof enough that is worth having. Though relatively knew in the market, this dell monitor is bound to attract customers and before long several people will own it. There shouldn’t be any worry about getting your eyes harmed because the antiglare screen covers that completely. Don’t let this opportunity pass you and make sure you are among the first people to own this latest technology.




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