Whoops! Funny Kiss Cam Breakup


Guys (or girls), the next time you’re sitting in the bleachers at a sporting event, it’s probably wise to keep an eye out for the cameras. And make sure you’re not being rude to your girlfriend (or doing anything embarrassing), because your behavior might get broadcast all across the stadium for everyone to see!That’s what happened in this hilarious kiss cam breakup video.

A young couple is watching the game. The girl notices the camera is on them, but her boyfriend is way too engrossed in his cell phone conversation to notice or care.
Other couples in the seats were a lot more observant when the cam turned to them. They noticed it right away, and immediately turned to the person next to them and gave a big smooch for the camera! An older couple looked a little too stunned to deliver the kiss, and a younger couple (perhaps friends, or a first date) had an awkward moment where they knew they had to kiss each other. They leaned in close but ultimately the guy kissed the girl on the forehead instead.
None of those moments could compare with what was coming next, though The kiss cam soon returned to the troubled couple. The guy’s girlfriend tries over and over again to get his attention, but she has no luck. He brushes her off and even has the nerve put his hand in her face! Finally his girlfriend is pushed to the edge of frustration. She picks up her soda and dumps the entire drink all over him before stomping off in a rage! The boyfriend watches her walk away, completely shocked, and slowly the realization dawns on him that he’s been on cam this entire time!
The people in the seats around him start to laugh and point. And in a hilarious twist at the end, the girlfriend gets a high-five by the team mascot. It looks like everyone in that stadium sympathized with her! The boyfriend was being a jerk and she was praised for ending it in such a dramatic way. Sometimes it seems there is more entertainment to be found in the seats than on the field when it comes to sporting events.

As this funny kiss cam video shows, it’s more important to pay attention to your girlfriend (or boyfriend) than it is to carry on that cell phone conversation. No one wants to be ignored and insulted, especially in such a public place where you never know when the camera might be focused in on you!
Do you think the girlfriend was justified in dumping her insensitive boyfriend like that?

Watching the video, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the many surprise kiss cam proposals. Little else warms your heart like a surprise proposal in public. But if there are public proposals, why shouldn’t there be public break-ups as well? It seems to make sense to me. Dumping your girlfriend or boyfriend in such a public and humiliating way seems like a great idea for those who are bitter and yearning for revenge. Break-ups are bad enough when they’re in private, but having it happen in public makes it even more painful.
Of course, it didn’t look like this girl planned the break-up in advance. She had simply had enough of her boyfriend’s rude and unfriendly behavior, and decided to unceremoniously end it right on the kiss cam for everyone to see. I certainly think this boyfriend got what was coming to him!
Some people think this particular kiss cam video is fake. It’s possible that the couple planned it in advance just to rile up attention and get a few laughs. I’m curious why the kiss cam switched to other views for a few seconds before returning to that couple again.

Why did the kiss cam go back to them? Was it planned with the kiss cam operator himself? Perhaps they’re friends and decided to play a joke for fun. But the look on the boyfriend’s face at the end may not be genuine. He’s smiling after he has the drink poured all over him. It’s possible he was just in shock, but maybe he was acting and couldn’t help break a smile at all the attention he was getting.It’s impossible to tell for sure. But whether it’s real or fake, I have to admit that this is one of the funniest kiss cam videos I’ve ever seen!



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