The 10 Most Expensive Women’s Watches


Women love to where anything that look lavish and make them look beautiful, that is from lovely dresses, tops, skirts, and the shoes to compliment the whole dressing,

Accessories are always a must to match up the designer clothes; watches have become part of asset to be considered with necklaces, earrings, rings and also bracelets.

Most renowned company have developed the most expensive women’s watches to that are elegant on the wrist,

Here are top 10 most expensive women’s watches on the planet ;


1- Jaeger-LeCoultre

The first on the Jaeger is the Joaillerie 101 manchette, but will not deal with this, the price? Is priceless, a gift to her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, Hybris Machanica Grande Sonnerie definitely has a price tag, made of White gold this watch weighs 18 carats, has 1300 complicated parts, a balance wheel, a perpetual calendar with moths and day indicator, the $2.5 million watch also has a leap year indication.


2- Patek Philipe watch

From Patek Philipe watch production, the ladies Twenty-24 is the most expensive, it is worth $693,950,

This luxury watch is all diamond, the watch has Patel Philipe mark of distinction mad of precious rose gold and diamonds, the watch comes with caliber E 15 quartz movement, the bracelet and the case is made with the best baguette diamonds cut.


3- Richard Miller Watches

The Richard Miller Caliber RM Celtic Knot Tourbillon is on the list of the top most expensive women’s watches, this brand goes for$465,000,

Weighs 18 karat of white gold case measuring 45 by 38.2 by 12.25 millimeters, the watch has a black alligator band and skeleton dial

The base is made of black onyx, the stone believed to have power to deflect energy back to earth, which has the Endstone Bridge engraved with Celtic triquetra knot.


4- Breguet Reine de Naples watch

Women who value for classic brand, Reine de Naples create a variety of women luxury watches, though Breguet has not specialize in diamonds and gold, Reine De Naples is one of the most expensive selling at $374,100,

The watch has a mechanism to improve accuracy, this is by escaping gravity.


5- Louis Vuitton watch

When it comes to class, prestige and luxury, then it is all Louis Vuitton, and that is what women love, not only the dressing but Louis has the Tambour Bijou Secret White Gold 495 Diamond,

Before the price, the watch has 495 diamonds on it, and 315 diamonds on the straps only, and more diamonds on the white gold case, which is about 183, this timepiece is also quartz, with case measuring 18 millimeters, now the price is $121,000 worth only.




6- The Parmigiani Fleurier watches

Parmigiani fleurier Toric retrograde is a luxury women’s watches, made of leather straps, is a water resistant watch, case made up of 18 karats white gold, has an automatic movement with hours, minutes and seconds,

The case measures 40.5 millimeters, the best feature about this watch is the perpetual calendar, can retrograde month, date, the moon phase and the leap year

The most expensive brand of this luxury watch is priced at $116,800 making it one of the most expensive women’s watches in the world.


7- Rolex Datejust Watch

Mentioning expensive and luxurious watches without mentioning Rolex will be a lie, Rolex is considered one of the most valuable watches brand in the world, with different type of watches like water proof to automatic time pieces

Rolex has produced White Gold watch, which is priced at $109,350 on the market, the watch is automatic, made of 18 karat gold, the bezel is set with 150 diamonds, the Rolex white gold case measures 26 millimeters, the one with a blue dial is perfect for ladies who prefer to where dresses.


8- Pasha De Cartier

Pasha de Cartier is made with round cut gold, case made of white gold weighing 18 karats, the dress watch has a silver dial, water resistant, has a thickness of 8.8 millimeters, the whole case measuring 32 millimeters, this luxury watch is a quartz, also has hours and minutes function.

The women’s Pasha de Cartier is worth $123,000



9- The Cartier Tank Americaine Watch

The Cartier watch, The Tank Americaine cost $101,000, this is the most expensive Cartier watches, made of white gold 18 karats, measuring 34,8 by 19 millimeters, the small model watch has a thickness of 6,32 millimeters

This women’s watches has quartz and hours and minutes functions, the whole case is set with round cut diamonds, while the octagon shaped crown is also decorated with diamonds.


10- Heuer Monaco V4

Monaco V4 is a luxury French watch for women, though no gold and diamonds is associated here, the Monaco v4 is priced at $80,000,

The watch is shock resistant, a platinum case and the straps are made of real alligator leather and also have micro ball bearing.

The watch fits well with anything leather.


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