10 Tips for Beautiful Hands


Hands are busy instruments, performing several tasks each day, some major, some minor; be it shaking hands, applying makeup, executing chores, not many people are aware of the part they have to play in preventing the wear and tear of these delicate portions of one’s body.

Hands need pampering, care that will go some way in encouraging these tools of work to achieve optimum beauty, these tips merely a few of the myriads of methodologies available to those that wish to expose the beautiful nature of these two appendages:

1.Moisturize– this is essential practice, at least three times a day, the type of moisturizer varying depending on conditions at hand-while non greasy and light moisturizers will prove effective in the summer, the cold of winter requires a heavier product to protect against the drying effects of the deep cool.

2.Pampering– as far as essential practices are concerned, pampering comes in second only to moisturizing, most women aware of the beautifying and relaxing effects of a good exfoliation preceding a massage and manicure, these cleansing processes little less than nourishment for your hands.

3.Washing– as basic a tip as they get, or so most people think. There is a process to washing one’s hands thoroughly, or at least a process to understanding how to wash one’s hands through out the year, key sticking points revolving around water temperature. Not only will water in the extremes (too hot or too cold) damage your skin but normal washing soap is of such a texture that it is more than likely to damage the integrity of your skin, most times doing little more than drying it.

4.Scrubbing– the purpose of a good scrub is to remove dead skin, which is why the practice is encouraged no less than once a week; and while use of an exfoliating agent is encouraged, one need not trek to the store to acquire one, not when you can whip one up at home: a simple matter of mixing one tea spoon of sugar and then olive oil with a half lime of juice.
Some people choose to eliminate olive oil from the equation; whatever the case, a good scrub with a home made exfoliating agent is usually followed by a thorough washing and rinsing with mild soap and water-at room temperature.

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5.Massages– Massages can be referred to as gift wrapping, that practice that should be perpetrated five minutes out of each day to accentuate the effects of any or all of those other actions you might have taken to improve the health of your hands; usually performed with a moisturizer and Vaseline.

6.Safeguard your hands– hands do dangerous work, and even the most tame of activities such as washing dishes will expose your skin to chemicals and sharp edges; as such anyone in search of a beautiful pair of hands might choose to start by protecting them thoroughly while working, probably investing in a pair gloves.

7.Nutrition– a proper diet is essential in ensuring strong nails, healthy skin and soft hands, this including a consumption of Vitamin B, E and proteins.

8.Avoid the cold– cold dry air will have an inimical effect on the health of your hands, which is why it isn’t advisable to leave them exposed to cold air, especially during the winter. It shouldn’t cost you much to invest in gloves or mittens to keep those delicate hands warm and beautiful.

9.Attend to injuries thoroughly– because hands are regularly exposed to a variety of harsh environments they are susceptible to many an injury and infections of one kind or another. As such it is advisable to take note of any cuts, tears, discolorations that might come under your sight and take steps to treat them immediately.For this reason it would be prudent to keep anti biotic ointment on hand, some bandages, a first aid kit to contend with what might seem like the smallest injury. The stories of seemingly innocuous injuries turning into something more noxious are numerous.

10-Final word – One might argue that the best tip for achieving beautiful and delicate hands is a simple matter of ensuring to provide proper care each and everyday, not merely putting your hopes in any one of these tips but putting into practice a variety of these actions that will in the long run positively impact the beauty of your hands.




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