3 Health Benefits Of Acupuncture


Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment be method that originated in the health care system of china over 2500 years ago. The Chinese people believe that Chi, which is energy is responsible for the overall health of an individual.

When he energy flow through the body is moving, it goes through meridians. According to the Chinese people, when energy is blocked or unbalanced, illness occurs. Acupuncturists are responsible for the well- being of an individual by helping chi, flow back to normal or unblocking it.


1. Corrects imbalances

Acupuncture is authorized to correct the imbalances of flow in some parts that are identifiable areas close to the skin. It is a family of procedures whose aim is to simulate the anatomical locations on the skin using the many techniques of balancing chi. This methods though thoroughly traditional, have been assimilated into the American mode of treatment. Most of the techniques of acupuncture have not been thoroughly studied although the use of penetration of the skin with thin solid metal needles has been studied in depth.

Western medicine users see the points of acupuncture as places where they can stimulate the nerves, connective tissues and muscles. It is believed that this is one of the many ways of stimulation that boosts the body’s blood flow and increases the production of the natural painkillers in the body. These needled can be manipulated electrically or manually depending on the preferences of the patients and the acupuncturist.


2. FDA approved method of treatment for pain

FDA regulates the needled used in acupuncture just as it regulates other surgical equipment used in treatment. Although some practitioners use traditional needles because not much has been done in the area of regulation and no strict measures have been put in place. Acupuncture has been seen to produce effective results when used as an alternative to the treatment or included in the treatment of: chemotherapy, addiction, menstrual cramps, headache, lower back pain, asthma and carpal tunnel syndrome.


3. It has been around for years

Unlike other methods of treatment that are not very well studied and that just came up the other day, acupuncture has been around for centuries. It has helped people be able to deal with pain and do away with it completely. This fact and the fact that it has been used on millions of people successfully guarantees that a user will highly benefit from the treatment regardless of what they thing if the get a good professional, trained and experienced acupuncturist.




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