20 Things to do when you bored


1. Play some games on your laptop/PC. You can always search on Google for whatever type of game interests you, or you can ask your friends and maybe they can play with you (if it’s a multilayer)! This has a big chance of keeping you occupied so it’s always a great choice.

2. Watch a movie. This is awesome! You can use Netflix, or search online for a movie, if you don’t have your DVD nearby. It keeps you entertained for at least one hour and so, and you can never watch too many movies!

3. Read a book. Let’s face it, everyone has their favorites when it comes to books. Be it mystery, romance or adventure, a good book might be what you really need to kill boredom in need.
 4. Draw something. No, I’m not talking about the game here, although you can do that too. I mean drawing in real life, with your hands on a piece of paper. Sketching is one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored, and I have developed a big passion for it. Who knows, maybe you can too!

 5. Take photos. If you have a camera you can use, what are you waiting for? Photography is an awesome free time activity. If you know how to do your work, you might even make a few bucks with it.

6. Call/Text someone. When you are bored, the best cure is talking to friends and family. They also have an unique way of making you smile and laugh, and you can even find out some new things.

 7. Create different playlists for different moods and circumstances. The genres of music you listen tend to differ a lot according to the place you’re at or even the game you’re playing. It’s really nice to have a perfect playlist ready to play whenever you wish.

 8. Sing and dance. How long have you been waiting to try out your special dance moves? Or the song you’ve been wanting to blast? Well, now it’s time to do it. This activity makes you happier, it has been scientifically proven.

 9. Set your To-Do list for the upcoming week. It doesn’t hurt to try and be a little more productive from time to time. Also, planning what you have to do saves you a lot of time and stress, so later on you can just relax.

 10. Get your work done. Doing now what you have to do in 2 months is wonderful, as you don’t have to worry about the consequences of procrastinating. When you have nothing else to do, consider finishing your work, because it definitely pays off.

 11. Watch videos on YouTube. Be it a funny compilation, a tutorial or a baseball game, this activity is a real boredom killer. Hopefully, as you’re having a good time, you might learn a thing or two.

 12. Surf Wikipedia  or play the Wiki game. Well, surfing Wikipedia is definitely underestimated! By doing that, you don’t just learn something new, you are also doing something that keeps you from getting bored out of your skull. After, you can play the mighty Wiki game, which is very fun.

 13. Learn to do Origami. The art of Origami is truly amazing. You can craft decorations, which you can gift or use for personal purposes, or boxes, gift cards, and so on. Now that is time well spent!

 14. Cook. Get a recipe book and prepare a meal for your whole family to enjoy, or just make dessert for your own pleasure (if you don’t want to share). Who knows how good you might actually be at it?

 15. Sort through your computer files. It’s never too late for a clean-up on your computer. It feels really good to be able to surf on your computer without all that junk getting in your way.

 16. Sleep. As silly as it sounds, sleeping is really good for you, especially when you’re bored. By taking a nap, you recharge your batteries and wake up refreshed and ready to do what you planned to.


17. Work out. You have nothing to lose by doing some exercises, I promise! This activity relieves stress and toxins and burns calories. It’s good for your body, as well as your mind, and you can never go wrong with it.

18. Try some DIY projects. These projects are really, really fun. You can always search for a DIY to do, and you can find all kinds of those. It keeps you occupied and it’s a pretty productive way to spend your free time, as the finished thing you get not only brings you joy, but also a great product.

 19. Play a sport. Go outdoors, grab a volleyball, gather your friends and let the games begin! This activity makes boredom disappear fast and almost completely, and it helps you stay fit, in the most fun way.

20. Create a site/blog. Doing this prevents you from ever getting bored. You might even learn a bucks or two from it, who knows?


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