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I’ve always wanted to spontaneously travel somewhere new and exciting with no real plan in mind. Everyday life can be dull.  Sometimes, there is nothing I’d rather do than kick back on a tropical beach with a cocktail in my hand or see Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.

Up until a couple of years ago, my vacations had always been meticulously planned. Everything – even the smallest details – had been booked and reconsidered six months before the departure date. It’s good to have something to look forward to, but closing your eyes, picking a place on a map, and going there the next day is infinitely more exciting – although a little impractical because airlines and hotels tend to bloat their prices when not booked in advance. Is there a way around that?

Of course, there is, and it’s on the web gives you great, last minute deals and discounts on destinations around the world – from Venice to Miami and Las Vegas to Singapore. This website makes it possible for you to book your entire holiday and leave as early or as late as you want, without having to pay an exorbitant late booking charge.

My favorite aspect of LastMinuteTravel is the excellent  package feature, which enables you to search, compare and book your flight, hotel and car all at once. The entire search process is streamlined so that you can tweak to find your personalized, dream vacation. Do you want to avoid specific airlines? No problem. Are you looking for a particular type of car rental? LastMinuteTravel has you covered at every angle.

After entering your vacation criteria, they display an array of relevant combinations of flights and hotels. The database is extensive so your search details are likely to generate a lot of results.  The filter function is very useful. It allows you to narrow your results by adjusting for your budget, hotel location, and hotel star rating until you find the perfect hotel and flight combination. If you would rather review your results in a map view, you can do that, too. It’s a very useful way of identifying the hotels with the best locations – close to the attractions.  LastMinuteTravel can help you with attractions, too.

The site gives you a full photo display, list of hotel facilities, and even driving directions. If you’re in the mood for treating yourself to an upgrade, you can view the range of rooms the hotel provides as well. Each type of room is described in detail, with most hotels offering a “standard” room and a “premium.”

LastMinuteTravel will suggest a list of appropriate flights between your departure and arrival airports, respecting the preferences you made in your search with regard to airlines and seating class. They display the airline, flight times, flight number of the flights they have suggested and provide the capability for you to check the seat availability on both your outbound and flight. This is a very useful feature if you are travelling in a group and want to find out if you can sit together. Sometimes the flight suggestion may not be the most ideal option so LastMinuteTravel makes it easy for you to change airlines or routes to suit your preferences. If your journey requires a stop en-route, you can filter out the flights with the longest layover times, a very effective way of minimizing the amount of time spent in those boring departure lounges. There are only so many Dan Brown novels you can read.


Car rental is such a saturated market with companies left, right and center. How do you know which companies you can trust? And how do you know you are getting the best possible price? also this website LastMinuteTravel allows you to specify your transmission preference and car type. Then, you can add the car rental to your package with just one click. Everything comes together just fine.  LastMinuteTravel’s website was obviously developed with the user in mind.

If you just don’t feel comfortable using your credit card online, LastMinuteTravel lets you book your vacation over the phone without additional cost (unlike some airlines).  Using your credit card on LastMinuteTravel is quick and simple. The website is “SSL 128 bit secured,” which means that all of your booking and payment information is safely encrypted.

If you’re a frequent flyer and want to redeem your miles when you book through LastMinuteTravel, don’t worry. All you need to do is enter your frequent flyer code when you complete the booking. You will be credited the air miles by the airline. I have an obsession with accruing air miles and loyalty points so this is a big bonus. You can also specify your seat and whether you require a special meal. I think this is great integration between the LastMinuteTravel system and the airlines. At this stage, you can also change your room selection.
I’ve walked you through the package section, but LastMinuteTravel has a few other options I think are great because they’re so unique.  You can get deals on cruises all year round but especially in the offseason.  I love the fact that LastMinuteTravel lets me search for cruise offers by port.  Then, they have a special tab where I can explore provider coupon promo codes.  I took a peek and one of my favorite New York City hotels (the Excelsior) was offering a discount. You can’t browse the site for long without being offered a chat with a customer service rep.  A smiling face pops up and says she can help you design a trip.  Why not?  Be sure to join the club to get more bargains.



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