How to eat right and remain fit in life


Eating is a regular routine and a person consumes much at any of the year. But there are many people who eat a lot and become obese, which is not acceptable at all. Or else people eat and normally don’t pay attention to their fitness which may affect their health, and even lead to many different diseases.

It is vital to eat the right types of foods in the right amounts on a daily basis. It happens that most of the people tend to eat much during lunch and dinner time. But practically it needs to be different, as the metabolism of the body gets affected and metabolic rate needs to be kept different at the different times of the day.
In order to eat right and well, a person needs to pay attention to what he is eating. He should regularly eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruits. The breads and the cereals, if and when consumed should be eaten in the form of whole grains and the refined flour should be avoided. Similarly, fried meat, fish as well as grilled, baked, steamed and poached meat should also be avoided as well.
What a person can easily do every day is that he can munch some raw vegetables that will help to reduce the desire to eat regular mouthfuls of meals. In fact fruits are very good in reducing the desire for eating sweets which contain a lot of calories. A certain number of calories can be taken occasionally like a 100 calorie snack pack.


Apart from eating, a person needs to develop a good eating habit as well. It is important and it needs to be followed properly so that the temptation to eat more never emerges and a person becomes committed to healthy eating on a daily basis. The junk food should be taken once or twice a month and not in excessive amounts at all.
The children should not be given unhealthy foods regularly or else they would not prefer eating vegetables or fruits at any time. Since they are active and busy with their studies or activities, their eating patterns should be monitored. If an individual himself enjoys eating vegetables, cereals or fruits, then surely his child will notice it as well and try to eat like him to stay healthy and safe from various illnesses.
In order to keep fit, a person can follow easy steps every day and make them a habit as well. They are mentioned below.
1. Exercise should be done daily and consistently. The number of exercises that are done every day should be recorded every week.
2. An exercise programs needs to be planned that will improve the general fitness of the body and helps to increase endurance and efficiency.
3. Different workouts need to be done to augment flexibility and muscle strength.
4. The intensity and the stress on the muscles should be varied and the duration of the exercise should be noted and increase gradually.
Therefore, adequate and proper eating along with proper exercise is necessary and ensures healthy living respectively.


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