5 Ways To Remove Negative Energy Around Yourself


It’ a well-documented fact that it’s draining to be around negative or stressed out people but how do you protect yourself from their bad energy? The reason we feel exhausted when in the presence of a negative person is because humans absorb the energies of all people and objects in their proximity. That’s why the thoughts and deeds of negative individuals can be harmful not only to our health but to our state of mind.

Of course, it’s impossible to remove yourself from the prospect of being in the company of someone who is stressed out and so here we outline some practical steps to take to protect yourself from negative energy and maintain a positive psyche.

It’s possible to cleanse negative energy and create a force-field’ to shield against the impact of negative people and situations. You can use the following tools to help you:

  1. Essential Oils

Essential oils have natural healing properties and have risen in popularity as people look for alternatives to traditional medicine that may have limitations or side effects. Myrrh, niaouli and sandalwood are all known to contain powerful and natural cleansing agents that have a pleasing aroma. Our sense of smell is closely linked to our emotional system and so using essential oils creates a healthy link between your physical presence and a healthy psyche. To use essential oils, place a drop at the back of your neck, the middle of your eyebrows and the crown of your head.

2. Crystals

Although there are many skeptics on the healing properties of crystals, research has shown they have a measurable effect on external energies. It stands to reason when you consider the use of crystals in science and technology, mainly in silicate form in computers and mobile phones. Crystals are so powerful in their effect on energy that they are also used to regulate time in clocks and watches.

In terms of how crystals can help you repel negative energy, much depends on your willingness to be open to the concept. Dark-colored crystals like amethyst, tigers eye, and black onyx are considered to not only protect you from negativity but also to boost your positivist mode and contribute to cleansing your aura.

3. Smudging Sage and Burning Incense

This is a traditional practice of the North American natives where bundles of white sage are burned to cleanse negative energy from the body and spirit. Smudging’ is also known to help you if you are having difficulty letting go of a negative person or situation and can lift negative emotions like fear and anger that often linger after a distressing event or interaction. Using incense to purify environmental energy is a great way of de-stressing in the comfort of your home. It’s best to use essential oil incense like Nag Champa sticks as they don’t contain any harmful toxins or artificial perfume.

4. Positive Meditation

Also known as white light meditation, this is a scientifically proven healing practice that can be easily adopted into your daily routine to create positive energy. You don’t need to attend a class to get the benefits of meditation either. Simply find a quiet place in your home, get comfortable in the way that’s best for you, close your eyes and clear your mind. Getting your mind to fill with silence is something that may take some practice and it’s best to concentrate on your breathing to distract yourself from mundane issues that may pop into your head while meditating. How long you remain quiet and still for is entirely up to you but you’ll notice that at the end of each meditation, you’ll feel a true sense of peace within. By maintaining your own positive energy forces, you are more easily able to repel the negativity from others.

5. Take a Cleansing Shower or Bath

Perhaps the simplest way of clearing negative energy is by taking a long bath or shower. You can literally use the time to clean away the stresses of the day by letting them flow from you into the water. There is a method by which you can use the time you’re submerged in the bath water to contemplate exactly what is getting you down and then when you take out the plug, you imagine your problems draining away with the water. It’s a kind of meditation that is accessible for everyone as we all enjoy a good soak in the tub from time to time. Use Epsom salts and crystals in your bath and have some candles surrounding you rather than the electric light and just drift off into the quiet place in your mind, away from the negativity of the day.



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