3 Ways to Be a Awesome Comedian


Sense of humor is not harder for human being, almost every human being laughs and wants to laugh more, but there are some people who have something more and finer art to make others laugh and some are able to make you jump over your seat as well.

What are the qualities in the mouths of the finest comedians on this globe, it is to understand and that will ultimately help you become a good stand up comedian.

To tell some funny jokes on TV shows as a stand up comedian you don’t need even your voice, you can make people laugh by only your expressions like Mr. Bean.

He used his expression as his powerful weapon to cut the stress of people watching him. Let’s have a short discussion about 3 advice to keep in mind for comedy.

Timing is must to laugh and make laugh

Every joke depends on the timing not only to tell a joke, but to let the people laugh. You can’t tell a great joke in the funeral or on the accident site or near the operation theater, can you? Try to understand the mood of people and surroundings where you want to make people laugh. You should hit your joke related to the running atmosphere to engage more people easily.

Each funny joke (yes I know joke means funny imaginations) should come on right time, before or after will not helpful to make you a good comedian.

Always use fresh content

Don’t repeat your subject and content in any manner, people will lose your words after some time. Use your body (I am not talking about Dancing anyway) to deliver your joke impressively. You can use different voices that you can sound (by using upper body parts). Continue your role what you are playing on the stage especially on TV show. New subject and punch will test your sense of humor, make a joke on simple things that belong to maximum people or more aware with that.Vaster your content span make your reach far and more without pageantry.

Be a good commander of words

As a comedian actor you have a written script and enough chances to correct mistakes, but on live shows you need to be prepared with the using language and words that should be only to make laugh people, otherwise you can (taste some tomatoes directly on your face) experience a fresh comic scene that will have written by audience (you know what I mean).

A comedian is only to make laugh nothing more or less. To promote yourself, you just need a good stage to stand up like TV show or live stage show within gatherings.

Comedy is an art to cut the water by sword (don’t stretch your eyebrows, it is a dialog). You just enjoy yourself first than the world will be at the same with you.



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